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Bass Rig complete…


Eminence CA154 in a MojoTone closed-back Extension Cabinet.


Took 13 months from delivery, about normal for me with a new instrument to figure things...


I have one of those heads bolted to the top of the little metal GK 1-12 cab...18.5 pounds!


It was a good choice for me.

I went back and forth with a few other makers, it won...

When you are right in line with the speaker...great, deep, full tone.

It was a year of little steps...first the Bass, then the new Nut, then the Roto Black Tape strings, then the Closed-back panel, then the Acoustic Foam, then the Mod-Bar accessory, then the Speaker, then the Amp Head.


Now, onto another good year with this one...

It will take a little time for sure...first steps in motion!

It will become the Gretsch 6120 Rig.


Glad you nailed it... not many that clean around!


Step 1 is the Speaker Cable...crazy Stereo Jack feeding two 35W Amps separately to two 12" Mid-60s Chicago 50W ceramic Jensens...

Step 2 is the Power Cord going 3-prong from Death Cap 2-prong...

Step 3 is to determine what the heck in the chassis needs something to put it as close to original!

Then play a while.........

Step 4 ??? Maybe a dual Supro Thunderbolt????


I made this ChipAmp a decade ago, married to an LR Baggs Para DI. A little underpowered @ ~50W, not as reliable because I made it as a One-off, and just a bit short on the Low End punch...but, having said that quite satisfactory. The LR Baggs Bass Tone Control has a midpoint at 85Hz, the MB200 is 60Hz. That I think helps the punch, as well as the better filtering being a dedicated Bass Amp. The LM3886 is a full spectrum High Fidelity chip used in lots of Home Theater applications...

After a couple days of A/B between the two set-ups, I think the CA154 made the rig...it captures the Low End.

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