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Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 anyone have one?


I have a few amps I'm selling and someone offered me this amp in trade for one of my amps. I've checked out youtube, seems like an AC 15 on steroids. Anyone have one or had experience with these amps, I like the size of the amp and I think it could work in a lot of situations gig wise but just wanting to hear peoples thoughts on the amp Thanks


I've not played one, but I know Bat Cat amps to be very high quality.


I've had a few Badcat amps and they are excellent. I personally prefer them to Matchless. A lot of Badcat amps still have Matchless branded caps inside them. They can sound amazing with a Gretsch.

I have a Hot Cat 30. (Mind you, I have modified it fairly drastically) The clean channel is incredible for something so simple. On my 30 it has simply a volume control and tone is controlled just by the brilliance knob. But it's all you need. The dirt channel is quite full-on; loads of thumping lows and quite a brutal attack. It has quite an aggressive high-end - it's not a Deluxe Reverb!

If I was getting another Badcat I would be looking at the Cub 15. Probably a better all-rounder, and much more like a souped-up AC15. I did have a Cub IIR and it was a great amp - one I would love to have again. But I have rather a lot of amps, mostly home-built.


I have not tried one, yet, but here are 3 amps I've had secret crushes on for years.

Bad Cat

Kustom Coupe 36

Lionheart K20T-112


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