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Well made good on my rant last week about being sick of wires (Holy Grail on top of the amp, trem pedal). I am only allowed 2 floor pedals, delay and one other. Thinking a Mini Vent.

So the '65 black panel Princeton reissue comes home next week. Someone put a big magnet Weber Ferromax 10 in it. I know people think these are great but In My World, by definition, no 10 can be great because it's a 10. So I gotta stuff a lo power 12 in it w/ Mojo baffle. I had this exact same setup a few years ago and sold it to FF 909 here cause it still didn't have enough bass.

Had thought about Mojo makin me a closed back combo cab. Fender did this at least once w/ the Bassman 10, athough it was big

But still it's about the best I can do for the power and features I want... just need a cover and I am set.


I have to agree with you on the single 10 idea; a PR with a 12 is the cat's meow. It was not necessary to make a new baffle for the 12 in my 72 silverface; just drilled new mounting bolt holes for the 12 and dropped it in; the tiny bit of baffle that covers the edge of the cone has no discernable effect; full range with lots of bass.

Two 10s are a different story; Vibrolux Reverb, Tremolux.....beautiful, at least to my ears. Somewhere I read that what is significant is the area of cone that is moving. So two 10s actually has more area than a single 12 or a 15.

It's easy to think of the PR as a smaller DR, but they really are different amps. Also worth noting, my amp tech says that the new reissues, although built with smaller components and circuit boards, have the same design as the old blackface ones. that's somehow comforting to know.


I'd agree with the 2x10 setup. My main noisemaker is a 210 Tweed Super clone, and it gives a swirly 3D sound with no loss of low end. It makes a Tweed deluxe seem a bit underwhelming.

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