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ATTN: TAVO (and any other Setzer fans)


Hey man, I was watching the BSO XMAS DVD last night, and I forgot you got a cameo!!! Awesome!!!

Quick question: on that DVD, there's the special feature where he arranges "My Favorite Things" in the studio... I can't quite make out what tweed he's got... I know he probably has several, but I have also read him say he has a 5F2A he uses a "home/practice" amp... the tweed in the video... judging by it's size and narrow panels it could be either a 5F2A or a 5E3, but I can't tell for sure how many knobs it has? Looks like it might have 3 (5E3), but I can't be sure...

I'd post a pic, but...

1) camera angle is bad + resolution of DVD won't do camera phone any favors

2) can't find video or pic online of that part of the DVD (of ANY part of the DVD, actually)


Try putting the dvd in your computer, hit pause and do a screen capture.


It's too blurry man. The DVD resolution just isn't good enough, with the camera angle (it's from the front, so your only seeing the very tops of the knobs)

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