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are they any small closed back combos


Open back amps just do not have enough bottom end for me. That Blues Cube 30 Hot that sounded fine just in the house with the band is just to thin even w/ bass jacked and a bit of mid.. .all treble off. Even the fishman mini with a freekin 6 1/2 kicks ass all over it on lo-end. So the search goes on.


How small? My AC4 is closed-back.

It's tough to make a closed tube combo because the tubes need to be vented.


The Traynor Bassmate and Guitar Mate combos are closed back.


thanks for finding these ... does not have to be tube, either. Some kinda small single 12 closed back combo...


DV Mark Little Jazz I am blown away. Got this to travel with in the RV turns out it is amazing lots of bottom end back of amp is ported. Sounds as good as any with extension cab plugged in. Loves pedals and no it isn't just for jazz as I don't play jazz at all.


did you try raising the amp off of the floor? IMO amps, especially smaller amps, sound terrible when placed at floor level.


I agree with Macphisto - most open-back amps sound worst on the floor. But it does depend on the floor... I always put my amp on a chair or stool or a couple of coke crates. Helps me not have to crank it too. It makes my amp sound more consistent from gig to gig. Different stages can make your amp sound very different if you leave it on the floor. Putting your amp on a chair or crate decouples it from the floor and makes things more predictable.

How much low-end do you need? A Fender 5E3 Deluxe has more low end than anyone really needs! Or are you talking about thump? Closed-back cabs can have more thump but don't fill a stage as well. And the closed back can dampen a speaker so it's not as loud.

I find a lot of modern open-backed combos do indeed lack in the low end. It's not a feature of the cab, it's more to do with the amp design. Most tweed amps have enough low end.


These are pretty cool.


Well this is for use w/ an acoustic folkie band scene with very llittle stage volume, lots of vocals, etc.

Need a deep sound to offset crashy acoustic sound and get all the volume facing backwards since amp is always turned around. Had wondered if a solid back except for upper opening .(.the upper panel that Fender combos have) is enough vent for the tubes... tubes or solid state is ok, which ever gets the sound -- weird how this closed Fishman with a 6 1/2 kicks a** all over this open back Roland with a 12 on lo end.


Open backs cancel the low frequencies, but the amp still works hard to produce what you can't hear. Vintage Marshalls for instance have almost all of the bottom rolled off, but the cabinet adds enough bass to make them sound full and deep. Having the bass rolled off is what makes them distort so smoothly. You can improve the sound of an open back combo amp by installing a larger back panel that goes up to the bottom of the tubes. That still keeps the tubes cool without losing much bottom. I do that to all of my combo amps.


Since tubes are not a requirement, I'd consider giving this a listen:


– Toddfan

You know I tried one and whether the 8" speaker or circuit design, even w/ closed back, not enough lo-end either in this. I had hi-hopes from all the stuff I heard but it lasted just a week around here.



– Billy Zoom

That's probably what I will try with the one I have...something like what's seen here. Kool blue tolex sorta like what those mid 70s Univox amps had(!)


The Vox AC10 sounds a lot bigger than it looks. But you do need to get it off the floor.

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