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Apparently I’m weak (aka NAD) (aka oh boy oh boy) (aka NOAAD)


So after an attempted self-imposed buying freeze, an amp pops up on my local classifieds. I watched for months and restrained myself. Well finally today I caved. Had to check it out, and then I had to bring it home with me. So as per the title, apparently I'm weak.

However, I'm also the new owner of a '66 Ampeg Reverberocket II (GS-12R)!

So it's New Old Ampeg Amp Day for me!!

It seems well kept, in above average shape (not museum condition but still good), replacement handle, has an Eminence 1518 15" speaker in there, some nice vintage RCA 7591 power tubes, 3-prong plug already installed. I was hoping to open it up to see if it looked like some old caps had been replaced but those weird clutch drive screws prevented that. It seems nice and quiet with no hum, so hoping all the filter caps are in good shape.

And whoa baby does she sound good!


They do sound good! Congratulations on a great find.

15" speaker, though? Mine has a 12. Didn't know a 15 would fit - but I'd never thought to check, either. Interesting. Might fatten up the low end some. (Mine doesn't have Big Bottoms.)


I'm trying to load photos but I think my new phone's min resolution is still >2000 pixels so the forum doesn't like it.


Hey, you lasted a few months. Props.


Hey, you lasted a few months. Props.

– Powdog

You're right, that's how I should look at it! I should probably reward that feat with a new guitar or fuzz pedal. Haha.

And that's why I love this place - the mutual enabling!


Nice! I have 66 Gemini VI with a 15". Righteous amp. Ace Hardware sells a little multi-tip screw drive with the exact tip for those screws.


'66 Reverberrocket II? OK, that's totally understandable. Enjoy!


Pic 1


Pic 2. It's not even a crazy tight fit to get the 15" in there.

I'm assuming this was the original baffle just cut bigger for a 15" since the colour and veneer on the plywood match the rest of the inside of the cab.


Does this look original or something hacked in there? It does have the clutch drive screws. These brackets seemed a little out of place to me for whatever reason.


Old RCA tubes


And finally, what was the purpose of this spring? Is it original? Was this to hold the foot pedal and cords inside the cab when transporting?


Right--those were 12s. That was my first good amp in 1966 as a Little Dork. Ampeg was 2 towns away from us in NJ were just what everyone had. Founder Everett Hull lived in my town and would bring some around to the local music store himself. The Fender amp that was most sought after was the black panel Bandmaster piggyback, lookin bad as hell all tilted back. The big Thomas Vox amps were out of reach.


Yep, the spring holds the foot switch. My 64 Reverberocket has one, too.


Oh man, that's a gorgeous amp! I gigged with one all through college, but had to sell it to afford a louder amp ('63 Showman, still have it!) More than any other piece of gear, that's the one I wish I could have kept. These days I've got a '66 Gemini I, which was also upgraded to a 15" speaker. It sounds great, but heavier to schlep than the old RR.



That era Ampeg usually came with Sylvania Ampeg labled tubes?


Congratulations! The Reverberocket 2 is a great sounding and very cool amp. I have owned a Mercury, Reverberocket, and a Reverberocket 2, and as cool as the first two were, the RR2 was the best of the group. With all these early Ampegs, the midrange frequencies are what distinguish them from the typical scooped Fender sound; it's nice to have the option if you already own Fenders. Also, I thought that the RR2 had the best cranked overdriven sound of the three. Turning the tremolo knob all the way up until it clicks produces a very cool space age sound. I bet it sounds great with a 15.

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