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Anyone tried Jet City Amps?


I'm looking through some of my distributor websites and stumbled into the Jet City site. At first I was just looking for a 1x12 cab (been needing one to go with my Kustom 5w head) but then I started checking out the heads and combos. They have a few of each that look intriguing to me. Specifically the JCA2112RC. 20 watts, tube reverb, presence control (big plus for me), 3 12ax7 (preamp), 2 12ax7 (verb), 2 EL84s, Eminence 12" speaker. There's not much more I could ask for in a little combo like this.

The whole reason I bought the Kustom was to have something for practice so I didn't have to lug my Classic 50 around, but I still have to take a cab, and all mine are heavy. This might work out a lot better, and it's pretty reasonable, especially if I sell the Kustom head. It's brand new, so that shouldn't be hard.

Anyone here use any Jet City stuff? Opinions? All the amps are designed by Soldano, but I know sometimes that doesn't mean anything.


Pretty sure I remember a thread or two about them over at G-T.

They seem like a pretty solid package and a good value if the PCB is thick enough and the soldering solid and all. Soldano designs them, no?

Here's a clip:

Lotta RAWK there.

But check over at G-T for a real discussion.


I've had the JCA20H head and 1x12 cab for a couple of years now. Mine doesn't have the reverb, so I can't comment on if it's any good or not. I play mostly medium gain to higher gain stuff, and the amp is great for that. Cleans are decent at lower volumes, but tend to be nonexistent at high volume. Most Guitar Centers stock them so you should be able to try one out there if you live near one. Mine needs to have the MV at 4 or above to really open up. MV on 7 is perfect for band practice.


These are supposed to be pretty good amps for the money, although I'd have thought that anything designed by Mike Soldano is unlikely to have loud clean sounds as a priority.


But check over at G-T for a real discussion.

-- Strummerson

You are kidding, aren't you, StrummerMan? :D


But check over at G-T for a real discussion.

-- Strummerson

You are kidding, aren't you, StrummerMan? :D

-- Ric12string

Momentary lapse... :P


I used one for a guitar test mule several months ago. It was a pretty nice amp. As others have said - not much in the crystalline cleans department, but nice overdrive tones - sort of like a cross between an Egnater Rebel 30, and a Peavey Classic 30 on steroids. It was not a mega drive amp, in the vein of an Engl, Fryette, Mesa Mark V, etc. It was basically a medium-high gain amp, ala a later period JCM800. If you're looking for more grind from the Jet City, you'll have to use a clean boost, or try out the new Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18. I tried one of those yesterday, with it's accessory 12" speaker cab - Whoah Nellie! Even at the 1 watt power setting, it was bigtime aggressive, with lots of gut thumping bass, and mega grind! The cleans were also nice and warm (not glassy, which I don't like at all), from its clean channel.


I've seen a few comparisons to the Peavey Classics. I've got a Classic 50 combo, and a head, and love them both. That makes me thing I should try the Jet City for sure.

I've played a few H&K amps, they all have the same kind of midrange thing going on that I'm not a big fan of. I like bright (almost harsh) treble, and that's something they seem to be lacking (at least on the one's I've played). So far my Classic 50s have been as close as I've found to the tone in my head. Sometimes they're just too big, or too loud though.

I think I'm going to try to track one down at GC or something to test it out.

I almost never play clean, and if I want to I've got a few 50 watters that will do that for me. I mostly want another small amp for practice so I don't have to lug the 2x12 around.


I'm sitting here looking at my settings right now and I see the treble sitting at 3 1/2, middle at 6, and bass at 7. It can pretty trebly if you want it. I said in my previous post that the master has to be at 4 to open up the amp. It's actually a little above 3 where the tone opens up. Mine is sitting on 3 1/2 right now.


Thanks Steve, it's good to know it's got a lot of top end on tap. I've got no problem turning up to get the good tone, I have to do the same with my 50 watters, so at 20 this will be a step down.

I'd like to hear what that Ibanez actually sounds like. It's hard to tell when the guy hits 3 choppy chords, tweaks a bunch of stuff, then hits another 3 choppy chords. He should not do demos.

That's a pet peeve of mine. Gear demos should be at least 50% playing. Obviously you need to explain and inform a bit on the product, but let it speak for itself.

The other thing that makes me crazy is when they play either all clean, or all overdrive, with one guitar, so you have no idea how it sounds with anything else.

Maybe I should start doing reviews... If I could play better maybe.


I'm seriously considering selling my carefully gathered "portable" rig to get me one of those Tubemeister 18w heads.

Too bad I cannot test one of those in the area. Ellen's description's hitting the ballpark on what I'm looking for, though I like glassy cleans, :D. Anybody else played a Gretsch through this thing?

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