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anyone running kool tube audio @ home?


Well we see here tube PA amps and related stuff being tweaked into amps for guitar/harmonica etc, but is anyone using tube power amp /preamp, integreated units, etc for your Modern Records and Tapes?

Like a righteous Dynaco PAS 2 and Stereo 70s ... loads of other brands of course...

One crossover was that early Sunn amps were using Dynaco's power transfomers, at least for a while.


I run my stereo with a Monoprice tube amp. 15 WRMS X2 into Klipsch Cornwalls is more than enough power. I wouldn't mind having the vintage Dynaco, MacIntosh or Heathkit gear I once had, but this setup is fine.


Well there is new tube audio stuff-- some really hi-end also. But like old tube guitar amps, the old audio stuff has to be maintained and tweaked to sound good-- so it's a hobbyist kind of thing now. I still like the scene tho although I don't have any of that stuff now.


At home? In the living room, I have a Fisher 500B and a pair of AR-4ax's. I have lots of cool stuff at my studio.


I recently refurbished my pair of McIntosh MC60 mono blocks running into a pair of JBL 4301b monitors.Prior to that I used my Scott LK48 integrated amplifier for about 20 years. It needs a bit of work and then it will go up for sale. I need to find a nice preamp now to go with the McIntoshes! I rebuilt a Dynaco SCA35 and also a single McIntosh MC 30 over the last few months as well.


Here’s the MC30. These are awesome.


I rebuilt this Dynaco with new preamp and power supply /bias boards among other bits and pieces. Tubes and input/output jacks etc. These run a paIr of EL84s on each channel. Nice but not as sweet sounding as my similar powered Scott amp. That may be because I listened to the Scott for 20 odd years!


The SCA 35 is kind of forgotten in the Dynaco scene... .

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