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Anyone Play a GreTscH Through a Vintage47?


I know there's plenty appreciation for them in other threads. I'd really love to hear a clip if someone owns one, especially an Oahu.


I wish I could say yes. I have a Trem-O-Tone back in the States waiting for me. Won't see it until the fall. :(


I love the way my silverjet sounds through my vintage 47 bronson. It is pretty raunchy, especially if I use my dynobrain. Unfortunately I do not have any way to record or post a clip right now.


I just bought an Oahu suitcase. Actually, I attended David's class last weekend and built it. I don't have any clips recorded yet, but I'm ALL smiles. What would you like to know?

The tone is real smooth. Really bouncy. Perhaps its the lack of negative feedback. I'm used to Blackface Fender amps. This one is more touch sensitive. Warmer. Harder to coax the Fender brand brightness, but it really sings in its rich mid tones and deep open lows.

It breaks up incredibly smoothly. A blackface holds on to it's clean as long as it can before it changes. These amps have a much larger area of 'kind of clean and kind of dirty" depending how you pick and how hot your guitar is. Which I like.

I can't be MORE impressed with the 8" Tone Tubby speaker. It doesn't sound like you think an 8" speaker should sound. It's not small in the least. Big, full lows out of this sucker. No one would ever call this amp thin sounding.

So far, I've spent the most time with my tele (that's the guitar I took to the building class). Rocking some 'billy with a Dan Echo David had with him was glorious.

With single coils (my Gretsch also has Dyna's), It stays fairly clean most of the way up. It never gets 'distorted' in a Hard Rock sense. It does get a night deep throaty, crunchy overdrive when dimed. I haven't put my Dyno Brain or a boost in front of it yet, but I'm sure it'll breakup that much faster if you go that direction.

David also had a demo on hand with a switch that added a bypass cap on the 6v6 that definitely took it to a more overdriven blues type of tone.

What can I say, I'm loving it. Like I said, it's not blackface Fender (what I'm used to). It's warmer, it's 'older' sounding if that makes any sense.


Wow, Brian. Don't know how I missed your post. Great review, thanks for all the detail.

How loud is it?


It's quieter (and overall cleaner) than my moded Champion 600 - which has been moded to 5F1 specs, except I kept the ss rectifier and trannies. But the champion has small transformers, holding back the girth of the sound. The Vintage47's preamp (6SL7) is likely lower output than a 12ax7?

It LOVES the Dynobrain and gets a lot louder with that pushing the front. I also find the Dyno gives it a tad more high presence, which is good.

If you need more volume for gigs, David recommended micing it (obviously), but also running two of them works great for smaller gigs - but something else interested me for the future - he's got a amp on his website that is the same circuit, but with 2x8's and 1x10. He also has the circuit set up to use 6v6 or 6L6, with switchable bias and a switchable boost (byspass cap) as well as 3 different rectifiers. And the whole thing is only 30 lbs.


I'd love to record you some samples, but at this time, my only mic is the built in mic on my laptop. -NOT a good representation of anything and it's incapable of recording anything halfway rich sounding.

I'll work on borrowing a mic from someone...


Sounds like it would be hard to practice with a larger combo.

But yeah, his larger models, like the Chicago (not the triple you are talking about but the one in the pic below), should be a bit more muscular. They're also more expensive, though still I think an amazing value in the boutique amp world. Wish I could take his workshop.

This is a heck of a piece, and I'm a sucker for the lights:


The 3 speaker version (with the 2 8's and 10) would be great for louder practice and small gigs. -And if I remember correctly, they are under $900, but yes, the one you show is sexy. Everyone would staring at your amp. You'd have to wear a t-shirt that says "I'm up here, boys" with an arrow pointing to your face.

I haven't brought my suitcase to practice yet. -then I'll get a better sense of how it handles a larger room and a drummer. Right now, I'm expecting the volume to be fine (especially with the nocturne boosting), but it'll likely be dirtier than I want, which is why I'll be eyeing his other amps in the future!

Right now, I play my DR on 2 at practice (with my nocturne pushing it quite a bit) and maybe up to 3 at a gig. I believe the DR would only be about twice as loud as 5 watt amp (if even that) and I'm only using half of it's power.... The little suitcase might fare better than I think. Maybe even running it into the super efficient V30 of my DR cab would be plenty volume for me.


Ok, so I brought the suitcase amp to practice today. My band doesn't practice that loud, so first I thought I'd give the amp a shot by itself.

Volume level was OK when cranked, but the amp was dirtier and throatier than I want - especially with the Dynobrain pushing it. I like a clean tone with maybe just a bit of grumpy on the edge of the louder notes.

So I ran it through the cab of my Deluxe Reverb. Huge. Thick. I dialed the amp's volume back pretty far to compensate, I had volume to spare. Great sound. Understand these are warm sounding amps - which I like. But the warm sound was a little woolier than I wanted in the middle or neck position going through that 12". It's that late 40's sound, not 60's fender sound. Having said that, I still wanted a pinch more high end and a tad thinner in the bass with a Hollowbody. If I decide to shelf the Deluxe and make this the primary amp with my band, which I might do, I'd consider a 2x10 instead of 12 extenstion for use with a hollowbody. I think 2 10's would give it a little more high end edge and thin out the big lows in the best of ways. Or audition 12's with a little more sizzle on the high end (currently I have a v30 in my deluxe cab).

It was a good sound though. 5 watts though a very efficient 12 was perfect with my band for that edge of break at lowish band volume. Also great for small gigs or larger ones with a microphone.

Again, I'm drawn to David's Triple amp - 5 or 10 watt amp with 2 8's and a 10..... I'd love to try that out in the context of my band.


My orange 5120 has Dynas on her...I am the 3rd owner of a 1953 Fender Tweed Deluxe...I gotta play the 5120 thru that and see what THAT sounds like!


I know a guy that has one of these here in San Diego County...she is awesome...


Brian - What did you think of the class? I'm sorely tempted, and unlike Strummerson, it's not very far from me. Did you have much experience with amp building or repair prior to the class?


This is a great thing to find out brian, I'm after a smallish combo for a late 40 sound. I cut my teeth at a kid on a maple hollowbody and an early tweed Valco amp. I'm in the process of wanting to redesign an old gibson amp after restoring an old Epiphone Zephyr amp


I loved the class. I had some soldering experience from moding amps and pedals and such, although there was a guy there that hadn't ever held a soldering gun before and he was fine.

From modding a champion 600 into a 5F1, I had some basic amp knowledge about cathode biasing, bypass caps, coupling caps... but I can't really read and follow a schematic - not without a layout. I can trace a Fender schematic and know what most of the stuff does, but building it only from a schem is out of my league.

David starts off with a demo of the amp. Then he goes over to the whiteboard and gives you an intro into how tube amps work. It's not going to turn you into an electrical engineer, but you'll get an overview, laymen's understand of how this stuff works.

Then you practice soldering by building a simple Trem circuit that's not used in the amp.

Then you start assembling some pots and tube sockets into the chassis and break for lunch. After lunch, he walks you through building the circuit step by step.

There is a schematic, but no layout, so you rely on him to guide each and every step. When your all done with everything, you put the chassis in the amp and fire it up!

You take home a bunch of papers - schematics, tube spec sheets, basic amp electronics info....it's a LOT of info for a day. I had a blast. it was the perfect birthday present!

I was there from 8:00 am until 8:00 PM.


I'm not convinced any 8" speaker is that great but in this type of amp I find it interesting the tone tubby can roll with the punches. I've got a few P8n's and a Mod 8 here but the greenback 10 wins everytime. Whats the high end like with that speaker and the given circuit? does it break up creamy in the upper mids or shard like


The 8" Tone Tubby is pretty great - in a small room, doing what it's supposed to do at that volume for that amp. My champion 600 sounds like a toy in the low end compared to TT. BTW, my champion is modded to be a 5f1 (with stock trannies and stock SS rectifier) and it has a Weber Sig alnico 8". NO low end. I don't really blame the speaker though, not fully. I'll bet it has more to do with the tiny output transformer and crappy MDF cab.

The vintage47 with TT sounds BIG in comparision, with a deep lowend that fills the room (provided your not playing in a huge room, be reasonable!) Any decent larger speaker 'should' of course push more air in the lows and sound even deeper - get more of a thump going.

When I think of 8" amps, I think of small boxy sounding things with a thin sound and an emphasis on highs. Nobody would say any of that of this amp. When I signed up for the class, I asked David if I could pay an extra charge to put my amp in a larger 10" cab. No dice, he told me it would be the biggest 8" I've ever heard and no one has ever complained of it sounding small. He was right.

The high end is 'sweetend' as they say - meaning, slightly attenuated compared to bright fender amps I guess. The tone control is a simple cut and I keep it in the wide open position. With the Dyna in charge, I get a slight extra boost in highs which is....just enough to add a touch of sparkle, but certain shy of Fender blackface sparkle.

The breakup is incredibly smooth and slow. Gradual. This amp lives in the mids more than anything, singing and creamy enough you can feed off of that teet for days. The Dyna just makes it even more so. Plenty of lows keep it rounded and not thin or honky in the least. I wouldn't describe anything about it as shard like. Dimed, the mids come out even more...the speaker doesn't fart, it holds on but the amp still gets a really loose open bassy, slightly out of control overdrive. Not a processed sounding polite overdrive. A little bit like the redhead kid from A Christmas Story just punched you in the face. Kind of an old school style rawness. At least, that's my take on it.

But again, as for highs, it's ...just enough. No more. I might still roll my tone control down a tad on my tele's bridge pickup, but I'd keep it wide open on the middle and neck pos.

With the 12" V30, it was perhaps too boomy, to low and mid low focused - still plenty of upper mids, but just not enough highs in comparison to give the clearity to the notes. Again, as extention cabs go for more volume, this amp married with a hollow might prefer 2x10's rather than a 12 - just to keep the girth of the lows in check and keep the highs from getting lost. Who knows. I just try things and react. All these color description words.....who knows what they really mean to anyone else... :)

This clip is pretty telling to real life. Put on some good cans, and turn it up. If anything, at the end of the clip when they crank it up for what they call 'raspy dirty sound', the recording is still harsher in the highs than I would describe the amp in person, but you can get a realistic sense of it's character, which is a lack of the Fender brand of sparkly highs- that part is true:


If this clip doesn't do anything for you, than don't buy this amp. You won't be pleased.


Sounds amazing!!!

But I want to hear it with a GreTscH hollowbody.


+1 for the TT 8". I've been singing it's praises for a while now. Get the alnico (I've tried both...). It's amazing.

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