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Anyone know how to quieten a reverb?


There goes the warrantee.

Nice work.

– Powdog

Haha! The warrantee was long gone as soon as I bought it!

Sascha the transformers are ok - I did swap out the PT for a MM DRRI "Upgrade power transformer" because it's a bit bigger, has a slightly improved low-end response and now I can bias the amp to run EL34s if I want - it can accommodate the filament current demands. I did briefly try some KT77s in there and it sounded amazing! But very LOUD so for now for home use it stays with 6V6s. If I did end up with KT77s/EL34s in there one day then I'll go to 5W 1K grid stoppers. But then I should probably use an OT with the correct impedance...

Picked up a nice little reverb tip from the Rob Robinette pages - to calm down the reverb a little you can bypass the 220K to ground at the reverb out with a .0022 cap. You can just see it in my pic. Apparently Fender did that in silverface Deluxe Reverbs. Easy little mod and it takes the edge off in a good way.

Did I mention that the tremolo is now bias vary? The trem sounds so much better than stock. It's surprisingly easy to do.


Speaking of Rob Robinette's site, I might attempt the "raw control mod" (basically a mid control) on my PRRI... I've done the mid mod before, on a previous PRRI I owned, but it was temporary... this time, I'll want to actually install the pot on the chassis somewhere. That's what holding me back right now- unless I install it on the back, in one of the speaker jacks, I'm not sure to to implement it... I'd rather the knob was on the amp face, but the way the BIs are built, with their circuit-board-mounted pots, that would not be easy, finding room on the amp face for the control.


I’m a fan of the raw control. It adds versatility especially for recording. I use a 50k pot on my Princeton reverb clones. Incidentally, if you have changed the tremolo to the bias wiggle style, you have effectively made your amp a beefed up 2 channel Princeton reverb with a 12in speaker!

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