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Anyone Know About Consolidated Speakers?


My brother's old bass cabinet has two 15" speakers with large square magnets. They both say KB 70 Custom Design Bass printed on the magnets in black ink stamps. The code printed on the rim is A1456926. I don't know what the A stands for, but EIU code 145 is Consolidated. I'd never seen 145 before or heard of Consolidated.

We think this is an old Kustom bass cab, as it has two thick rolled cardboard ports center left and right on the baffle and squared-off front edges (I assume Kustom wouldn't have needed to round the front edges on a roll-and-pleat covering). The cab had been covered in cheap black vinyl and a makeshift burlap speaker grill cloth. Since my brother used it with his Vox Beatle, I recovered it in black Tolex and Vox diamond pattern grill cloth, complete with white piping and a Vox pie-wedge badge. The cabinet originally had a black metal jack plate for a 1/4" jack, but I replaced it with an XLR Vox jack.


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Sounds like Kustom, but Consolidated is a new one to me. If 69 means 1969 that was a banner year for Kustom, who of course went on to make the 70s Gretsch amps when Valco was toast around the same year.

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