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Just got one.

Thinking of using a 6V6 with a 6L6 to get the highs of the V with the bottom of the L.

Any other good combos?


Are you talking about using a 6V6 and a 6l6 together in a push pull output stage.

If so, I'd do a bit more research. Such a combination would unbalance the output stage and produce some interesting crossover and thereby harmonic distortion.

I think you need to go one or the other.


From what I can gather, the Regal is an odd amp which is kind of two single-ended amps in one. So it isn't working push-pull and you can indeed run non-matching tubes. The big selling point of the Regal is being able to mix and match power tubes.

Sounds interesting.


They call it adaptive transformer technology...the split the windings of the output transformer, sort of like a split coil pickup.

you can indeed run a 6V6 with a 6L6


EL 34 and 6L6? Mids from the 34's and lows from the 6L6's. On the other hand, it could just be the opposite and sound like mush!


I got one. You can mix tubes and have clean mixed with crunch. With 6V6 and 6L6 you won't note it a lot. Maybe a 6k6 would cause more notable effects. I found the 5881 the best sounding tube btw. Very full.

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