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Anyone bought one of these???


I haven't but if I were looking for something like this I'd likely get with Jer @ DeLisle or Tavo @ Nocturne.


It IS intruiging at those prices, and seeing they're almost the price of the average kit, it kind of makes sense as putting them together is SO cheap in China compared to the western world, where hand-soldering amps is expensive business.

Beware of Chinese transformers though. They die pretty fast, and are not the cheapest part of an amp to replace.


I haven't but if I were looking for something like this I'd likely get with Jer @ DeLisle or Tavo @ Nocturne.

– Suprdave

Those are double the price.


Those are double the price.

– guitarcapo

Yea, and 10x the quality. Ya get what you pay for.


This is exactly why I created this thread! What was it about the amp that you didn't like????


and best of luck when it breaks, ewww. ugly situation. looks great though..


I had no idea so many members here have purchased this amp and based on their first hand experience are able to help me. But do be specific. I want details. What broke? What should I be aware of?


It looks like it is well constructed and built like the original. If I was looking for one I'd consider it. The price is right especially since it is shipped for free.

Is this any different from the folks who rave over those Monoprice POS amps? One is good the other is not. This amp looks fine to me.


My worry is that it ships from China but the seller goes under the name of LA music exchange, you're free to spend your money how you wish.


Well, it appears to be a 5E8 Twin, but there’s nothing in the description to indicate that. I used Chinese transformers from Weber once. The power tranny failed within 6 months. I’ve never heard a Ruby tube I liked. The components appear to be a familiar brand, but you never know. Bootleg stuff appears at every level. I guess you could inquire about specifics. I have friends in manufacturing who get their patented products ripped off every year at trade shows by overseas manufacturers, so I’m skeptical and wary every time I see something like this. Like I said, you get what you pay for.


Wait a minute. You've never owned this amp? Never played it? Surely you at the very least have had some experience with it to comment so much on its lack of quality. Did a friend have one that you know? I see that you once had a transformer fail on you that was manufactured in the same country where this amp was made. Is that the total of your experience with this amp?


Sorry, I guess our answers should have just been "no"

I think we're all trying to give advice based on what we know about certain products. I don't think anyone meant to kill your mojo about these. Let us know how it goes after your purchase. We'd all be interested to know.


Wait a minute. You've never owned this amp? Never played it? Surely you at the very least have had some experience with it to comment so much on its lack of quality. Did a friend have one that you know? I see that you once had a transformer fail on you that was manufactured in the same country where this amp was made. Is that the total of your experience with this amp?

– guitarcapo

A lot of people, including myself, including the poster above (who knows a thing or two about amps to say the very least...), quite a few people I know, etc....have had bad experiences with Chinese made power transformers. It's pretty well known in the amp building community that they're prone to failiure.

If you don't want to enjoy the shared experience and knowledge of a forum, but just play the contrarian, maybe you should go hang out on facebook?


The listing does say Hong Kong/Taiwan,so it might be better than those $199 Chretsch Chite Chalcons.


Doesn't seem like much shared experience at all. I was hoping someone had some experience with this amp. Seems like a lot of negativity from people who have never seen or heard of the amp simply based on country of manufacture.


I Never bought ,owned or drove one of these,, but I was pretty damn sure it was a Piece of SH*T.


I’d be suspicious since a brief search brought up nothing about this amp or la music exchange. I couldn’t find an address for them, although a search seems to point to a house in L.A. Their many ebay reviews seem to show them as a buyer.

As for products made in China, quality runs the full spectrum, not all transformers (for instance) come from the same factory. And we’re all, right this minute, accessing the internet using products and components manufactured in China.


People are finally coming around and learning about the China tube amps, especially the Tweed. I have two. I bought a Tweed Deluxe straight from China in 2016 about this month so it's been spot on three years. I don't have transformer issues and it sounds good. I really don't know how it compares to a Fender as I only tried one Fender Tweed Deluxe and that was a CS Edge model. I recall the Edge model sounded really good but I didn't AB with mine and whatever guitar I used was different than mine since it was in a shop. I can't imagine my Chinese Tweed sounding on par with a Fender CS model but for the money I spent it is well worth it. It was $608 including shipping. I got it from Aliexpress but I since learned of Made in China web site and I am pretty sure I could have gotten it from them for $100 less about or more. I bought off of Made in China a Tweed Champ, actually I think it's more like a Tweed Princeton. I can use that in my bedroom but the bigger amps I use in the garage. Got that about a year ago and it was about $150 shipped but I am not certain.

I see a lot of "Tweed" amps on eBay and Reverb these days like the one in the link above and I know right off it's probably an American who is in the know about these and contracted the manufacturer and has his own logo put on and selling it on the net. Direct from China you as a consumer can get it for about $150 to $200 less than that guy sells as his branded item on eBay or Reverb. I can't blame a guy for trying to make money by selling these as his branded product but you can just buy off of Made In China for a lot less. I even thought of ordering a bunch and selling them on Reverb and eBay to make a profit, but I'm busy and have a hard enough time finding time to sell whatever personal gear I don't want anymore, so to go into a side business doing that I rather not. I don't know if I'd have to order a bunch and have them shipped to me then ship to a customer or if I could just pay China when I got an order and ship it to the customer. That would save a bunch of time and effort, but now is not the time. By the way, when I ordered from Made in China, the maker specifically said that they could make a badge plate with my logo if I order a certain amount and I think the price of the badge was either very cheap or for free. These Chinese seem to communicate very well in English, so not sure if they are Americans setting up factory there or if these are Chinese.

Someone here at the GDP about six month ago or so was asking opinions on Tweed amps and I contacted him pointing him to getting one directly from China and he said he wouldn't because he said that for that price there must be a catch. His loss because these are fine. He just doesn't understand foreign manufacturing economics in the sense that labor is cheaper overseas in China and also many parts are already made there so they aren't importing them, they have them in their country therefore it makes the items a lot less than say a Weber Kit that you put together yourself, especially one someone put together for you. Of course there are boutique brands like Victoria and the like and I can't say that a China made Tweed would be better but they would cost a lot less, so do the math and see how it would work out for your bank account and if you really need a boutique brand.

By the way about the transformer. Yes as Walter said those are expensive to replace if you need to. So far so good but maybe I don't play as much as some of you but for me it's working well. Think about it, it's hand wired, no PC board and for the price I think it's well worth it. Is PC board so bad? Amps with PC board sound just fine but I guess if the board goes bad it may be an expensive fix. So a hand wired, solid pine cabinet, it is something to consider.

I started a discussion on how to lacquer the tweed amps and it's because I decided to do so. I did a job so bad that it looks like a vintage amp that's 60 plus years old. I guess in doing a bad job in this case is a good thing, isn't it? I went to the Orange County (CA) vintage guitar show and I saw a late '50s Tweed Deluxe and mine looks almost identical minus any tears in the tweed. Man it's funny how doing a bad job is such a good thing that I did.

So bottom line is if you want it buy it. Either buy off the link above that was provided or buy directly from China via Made In China for example and get it for less. I didn't check the price of the one above but if it's from a guy branding it himself but getting it via China then you will get it for less directly from China.


Well no, I haven't tried one of those amps. There is not enough information there for me to have a definite opinion. If the pics are to be trusted then I will offer that I would rather they had used different caps if they were going to all the trouble of hand-wiring a tag board tweed replica. I don't care for Illinois electrolytics (branded Illinois, not made there) or orange drop signal caps. But that's just my taste. Yes, I have used both and found I prefered other brands.

I'm also quite fussy about transformers. The transformers play a huge role in not just providing the correct voltages for an amp to work but in shaping the entire sound and feel of the amp. I don't know what these transformers are and yes, that would put me off buying one of these amps. Again, that's my opinion but it's based on experience. I have built a fair number of amps (as has Powdog) and can tell you that there is a lot more to a transformer than just reliability. If I am going to the trouble of building an amp I will use transformers made by someone I know makes transformers which are the right spec, will last longer than me and will help make the amp sound like the amp should, or better.

Maybe these amps are great. Maybe they use Switchcraft jacks so I won't have to replace crackling sockets after a year or two; maybe they use Carling switches - but if they did wouldn't they say so? It's quite common practise because they are selling points.

I'd need to know more. But if something is cheaper than expected then there is usually a good reason for it.


Like I say, this can be purchased at Made In China for a lot less. I’m almost positive it’s the same thing. $520 from MIC. I think the MIC includes shipping but I’m not 100% positive. Even if shipping is extra it’s still gonna be cheaper.


But if something is cheaper than expected then there is usually a good reason for it.

Jimmy I think the main reason is labour cost . AcCording to the Economist the monthly factory wage in China is around $250 - in Aus it’s around $4500 for a factory worker. Most amp builders/repairers/techs in aus are paid considerably above factory workers hourly rate.

I’m sure there may also be cheaper components but components (even tubes) are likely to made locally in China further reducing costs . Most components amp builders use where you live will need to be imported. .. adding to the cost. BTW I know there is nothing I’m saying here that you are not already aware of ;)

Very hard for local amp builders who have years of experience and have earned their ‘expert status’ to compete with a factory of low paid workers copying a circuit.


And there is a lot more to building an amp than following the dots... There is such a thing as "lead dress" which can make an amp work well, reduce noise, reduce the chances of oscillations, etc etc. It may well be that these amps are a genuine bargain but a tube amp is not an easy thing to build well.

A lot of great gear comes out of China - they make almost everything! But tag board tube amps are not like TVs. They are an anachronism in the world of electronics. It's not just making something which works, it's making something which sounds good. And that is where experience and quality counts. I would be happy to be proven wrong but until I know more about them I would be (I think naturally) quite cautious.


I read they have around 250 workers. They also make guitars!


I read they have around 250 workers. They also make guitars!

– eCastro

Nice Gratch!

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