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Any love for the Line 6 DT-50?


So I’m wunna them pathetic geeks with a multifaceted dysfunction.

Embarrassing facet #1.) I’m embarrassingly precious about my amps, i.e., the thought of most of them being exposed to the potential dangers from being onstage makes me wince. (I know, I know...”wuss”.)

Embarrassing facet #2.) I up’n got spurled at home coz when I want, say, a Rick/Vox tone, I get out a Rick/Vox. Strat/Deluxe Reverb? Get out a Strat/Deluxe Reverb. Onstage, just not practical, of course, which leads to the necessity to “settle”. Yeck! (Of course, I also realize that guys who can really play make people barely notice the nuances of the tone in use, unless it really sux.)

So thusly, ipso fatso,...

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tube amp that can getcha close as dammit to a Fender tone but also a Vox or even a Marshall theoretically, even though I haven’t heard the need for one as of yet?” I answered, “Why, yes.” to meinself (mainly coz I was alone the whole time) and began to ponder if such an entity existed.

Then I watched a Steve Howe rig rundown and shore ‘nuff, Line 6 has made an attempt at such an entity. So I grabbed one of the discontinued 1x12 iterations and danged if I unhate it! I did realize the stigma-ish preconceptions that I had re: Line 6 ampliminos but the whole all-tube/Bogner designed thing,....

...just curious if anybody else has had any encounters with them and the subsequent thoughts that appeared...


Well.....I have a 2000 ish AX2-212,bought to support a friend who worked for the company. Kinda-sorta does what Fender,Marshall,and Vox do.Kinda-sorta. But it weighs like a house and tap-dancing on the floor controller ain't my thing.So it's safely stored away while I wait for vintage digital to become the '59 hi-power big-box Tweed Twin.


Big Line 6 fan here, been using my XTLive GT Pod (whatever the dang thing's called) for 10 years or more. Even bought a spare in case it crapped out.

But then Retnev help me resurrect my AC50 and...well...


I have had a Line 6 Flextone III XL for years, gigged all over with it and iit has every sound I can imagine. Awesome sounds come out of that Amp!!!

Nevery any problems,


My only involvement w/ one -- heavy as hell -- I didn't even turn it on to try it.


My only involvement w/ one -- heavy as hell -- I didn't even turn it on to try it.

– DCBirdMan

Well...yeah, she IS a bit of a pig as 1x12’s go.

I checked the specs and the 2x12 is wider than the 1x12 by exactly a QUARTER INCH! Supposedly, it makes the 1x12’s sound bigger. I’ve not had a chance to A/B with a 2x12. One reason I have most of my amps (Deluxes and bigger) in road cases is the ability to roll them around. That DT-50 is no exception.

Tell ya what, one of the things I’ve loved so far is the XLR out for recording. Being able to go direct into the interface with the onboard cab simulator in its signal path has been a handy beast, indeed. (Especially coz I didn’t have to partially dismantle my stacks of road cases to get out an amp to record with coz it was already out while I’m familiarizing myself with it). When I get up the gumption and make the room, I’m gonna put up and mic a couple of Vox and Fender amps, record the same parts using each, and really get the skinny. BUT....since my intent was for strictly a stage amp...

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