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Any Love for Gibson GA-79 Amps ?


Being a Jim Hall nut, I always wanted one of those GA50s. The GA30, also with two different sized speakers looks interesting too. Since I got a nice old 1961 Ampeg M12 Mercury, it kinda scratched that itch, and for a lot less coin. The early 60s Ampegs sound similar to the Gibsons of the era, at least some of them.

– Journeyman

As far as "scratching an itch", I accomplished that with the little (new) Harmony 8418 amp that recently got "reissued"... handwired, octal preamp, old-school looks, it actually sounds quite nice- for STRICTLY home volumes. Even cranked, this thing is not giggable, but that's something I LIKE about it.

(not my pic... but it's the one I grabbed since it has a GRETSCH in it, LOL)


I hope this forum server will be up and running again to share photos with you.

This would be great. A '61 ES 355 is a dream guitar.

– sascha



Sideways Vibrola, how cool! Thanks for showing.



– Paolo_Spadaro

Love the addition of those '50's style coffee table legs,works with that amp!

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