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And Then This Happened


The first time I went in to TrueTone Music so many years ago, I was shopping for a classical guitar. They had a brand-new (pre-FMIC) 6120 on a stand and I stopped and stared, then played it, and my life changed forever. Since then, many a time I have gone in there looking for one thing, and ended up with something else altogether.

So I shouldn't have been surprised yesterday. I had a gig a few blocks down from there, and got there early so I went into TT to try my guitars through that Ampeg Gemini II I had talked about in another thread. And when I walked in, this was sitting on the counter:

A Vintage 47 Oahu Suitcase amp. They had just taken it in, and were about to put it on ebay. In their typical low-key way, they said "You better buy this, Frank, or we're going to have to put it on ebay." I wouldn't wish that on a nice little amp like this, so I opted to try it out. The volume and tone controls are intriguingly interactive, and depending upon the kind of pickup you're using, you can get a vast array of tones out of it (I had the Alameda-equipped Chet-a-caster II with me, and the tonal differences available through this amp with those pickups was striking). So I asked them what kind of deal they'd make me, and it was a little too good to pass up. So here we are:

I didn't really need another little amp, I have or have access to a couple already, but this one was too cool and too good a deal to pass up.


Congratulations! This is a bucket list amp for sure.


Too cool, indeed!

Awesome looking amp. Hope it sounds just as good as it looks. Congrats and enjoy!


Dave Barnes made some of the coolest,most affordable, most authentic amps around.

Nice amp Frank. Ho ho ho!


You buy the coolest stuff.


congrats on getting a new(to you) amp.


That is way cool ! Looks to be in great shape too! Enjoy!


Demo video?

Now there's a good idea. Hmmm, and I have next week off with only one gig. Crazy? Yes, but it just...might...work! Perhaps an Alameda pickup demo along with it.


That would be cool. I’m loving my Alamedas.


Is it green Tolex? I like green.


Is it green Tolex? I like green - Proteus

Yes, a dark green with a white tolex sash. Very stylish


Octal preamp and a hempcone speaker. Sounds like it would be dark and warm.


Well there you go. Happy green day!


Welcome to the V47 family! I actually bought my Ric Black 12 on ebay. If you want a bit more oomph, jumper the outer inputs with a patch cable.


The inspiration.


It’s SUCH a cool package, unique


Yea, but I think the 8” speaker is a deal breaker for some.


Maybe vintage 47 get around the 8” situation with that hemp speaker, perhaps it makes up for something. Ten inches would be better but maybe it’s stepping over the authenticity step for their concept

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