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Ampeg Super Echo Twin ET-2 Arrival


My Ampeg Arrived today. Neat amp, maybe a little heavier than I had read at 51lbs. Needed a couple of weak 6SL7 tubes replaced. Obviously re-tolexed in boring standard blac. Half decent job was done.

Stereo reverb and tremelo which both work well and sound fine.

Channel one seems to default to being in both sides(and thus both speakers) and much louder while channel two seems to be quiter and only in one side though it seems you can switch it from side to side with the effects switch(kind of weird!)

The marsland speakers (obviously a later addition) are not too bad, help scoop a little of the mids. I was comparing them to other pairs and accidentally hooked them up out of phase..which was less than flattering...

I'm going to give this beast a try in rehearsal though I suspect i might not be able to get around the one knob tone control which makes the amp pretty mid focused in general. Cool concept though!


Gut shot. some cap work done to channel 1 As long as it works I'm not cap obsessed. Needs a 3 prong plug though!!


Bad control panel shot (#%$#% flash) all the writing is totally intact which helps a little to figure out the strange and wonderful combinations of channels effects etc.


The "Echo" effect drifts back and forth between the two speakers in the second channel, not quite stereo unless you mic it, or which is common, add another jack to allow another speaker cabinet to be spaced far enough separate so everyone in the room hears it. If you do that mod, be sure you have all your ohms and connections figured properly!

Very common on earlier Pink Floyd studio albums, too...

For many years Peter Frampton used the Super Echo in his shows for Lead and the Talk Box.

The cleanest Super Echo I ever saw was in Las Vegas 10 or so years ago.

It had the jack mod...


I guess that modification has a jack which disconnects the original speaker, otherwise you'd have to have a 4 or 16 ohms speaker on that siide, though the amp would probably, like fender handle a 4 ohm instead of an 8ohm load


AHHH you got that amp!!!! I was looking at it on CL and thought well, thats a sweet one!


You might actually enjoy it more than me Paul..and you wouldn't have to wait for it like I did!.

I like it , but unlike most people I like more scooped sound. This amp has more up front mids. Very vintage / jazzy, maybe tweed-like. Pretty top end too.

For myself I was tempted to find a concentric stacked pot and put a baxandall EQ into channel one but I don't know if I want to mess with it.

I really like the tremelo and reverb and how the two channels are setup. It's perfect for how I use my echo and if I don't keep the amp I'll be stealing that arrangement for my own design.

The marslands don't sound bad and I also have some alnico Rolas that are more period correct and sound great. It might be going on the block soon.


I haven't worked on one of those in probably ten years. Frampton made them popular for a while.


They're kind of convoluted inside. I only wish they had more than a one tone knob EQ.


Don’t go messing with it young man!!!


Who you calling young man, young man! You should buy it off me Paul! It's that or I mess with it...new cab, new tone stack, pink polka-dot Hello Kitty tolex. Maybe some transistors and a Perrier dispenser.


Mmm that looks better, sounds better too though the Marslands weren't that bad sounding.


Those 70s Ovation labelled Eminences looked pretty snazzy, sounded good too all alligator clipped in. Sometimes you can hear how good a speaker looks.....

Heavier though by a couple lbs each.

The Rolas seemed more the proper era for the amp, not that it really matters.


Gut shot. some cap work done to channel 1 As long as it works I'm not cap obsessed. Needs a 3 prong plug though!!

– Toxophilite

I like the Garnet Speakers!


I like the Garnet Speakers!

– Gretsch6123

They certainly are the lightest speakers! They might even be 15 watts a pop


They certainly are the lightest speakers! They might even be 15 watts a pop

– Toxophilite

I wonder what amp Gar would have used those in?


I don't know. I've never been a big Garnet follower. Frankly, I'm not a big Marsland fan (these are Marslands labelled for Garnet). They're not terrible speakers, just not great either in my opinion.

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