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Ampeg Gemini II


Whilst wandering the amp aisles of my local guitar emporium last night, I came upon a '60s-vintage (I think) Ampeg Gemini II last night, recently serviced, non-original speaker (an Eminence Big Ben 15"), for $699, likely with some wiggle room on the price. The tremolo was a little uninspiring, but both channels, both inputs on each (guitar and accordion), sounded pretty nice, without having to get absurdly loud to get some fun breakup. It was also the tallest Ampeg I'd ever seen that wasn't a bass amp. Heavy but not painfully so. Anybody have any experience with these?


I've got a Gemini I, which is similar but with lower power and a 12" speaker (and not as tall!). I put a 15" Weber neo in mine and it's a great amp. Did you try the treble bright settings or the tremolo "percussion" setting?


There's a vintage Ampeg group on Facebook that knows a lot. I like them. I think I know of a clean one cheaper than that.

The trem probably needs attention because is should be machine-gun, especially the 'afterbeat' feature. The Gemini 1 was a 12, and Gemini VI I think same as the II but 2 channels.


I have a 1966 Gemini II that came with the orig. Jensen Concert speaker that I replaced with a JBL D130F. My trem is pretty good but the reverb is the real standout. As others have said the trem and treble settings are pretty cool features too. These are seriously great amps, plus you can jumper the channels for even more fun. I picked mine up locally for $500.00 and it had been serviced by my tech so I know all is good. If you get that amp I don't think you will ever be sorry. Thanks John


I bought my 1966 Gemini II new. It offers a clean sound that I like. The term and reverb are great. The price doesn’t seem to be out of line, but if there is wiggle room, go for it. Mine has a dolly that screws into the bottom. Except for stairs and getting it in and out of the car, transport is okay. Weight I think is 52 pounds. Underrated amps in my biased opinion.

Edit- like I said PITA on stairs. However, its height with the dolly attached is great for walking and rolling on level ground.


What else ya gonna use for your accordion duo?

I’m the faithful owner of two 60s Ampegs. Fabulous amps, distinctive voice, reverb to luxuriate in. Love to have one with a 15.

Taint like you need much enabling, but I give you permission.


Gemini II, Super Echo, and the small, single 12" PortaFlex are my 3 favorites.


Decent price, I think I stole mine since I paid $500 Canadian for mine. I played Baba’s once at the jersey roundup and fell for it. I had a Gemini 1 before I had the 2 similar amps but I think the 2 has 6L6’s and my 1 has 7951 power tubes, I could be wrong. Love the Reverb on both under appreciated amps. I’d gig with the 2 but it’s a beast to move the 1 is more manageable


My Ampeg Gem II was 60s, had a Big Ben speaker. Also had a factory replacement PT for 6L6s, a tube rectifier, and 6L6s. One of the biggest, wildest sounding amps ever. I always played it with both channels jumpered, which does indeed dilute both trem and reverb (if I'm remembering correctly.) Unusual and tasty as it was, simply not practical with the weight and awkward dimensions. Same reason I let a BF Super Reverb go. MD


I bought a 60's Gemini II in '71 for $50.At the time I had no car so I humped that thing to gigs quite often on the NYC subway,locally I used a dolly.Heavy as hell,but,ah,to be young again.My son is still using it,I changed the 7591 power tubes to 6L6's and it still has the same original Bugle Boy preamp tubes.I also had a Gemini VI that I tweaked to be closer to a B 12 and put a bass speaker in it so he can use it for bass.Great amps.


Perhaps I'll take one of my guitars down and see how it sounds through it, I have another amp I'd like to look at today elsewhere, we'll see what happens.


They tried a few different Tremolo circuits on the Geminis. Not all are in the books.

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