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Amp Stands, who has them and your thoughts


I have a collapsible angled frame from GC, around $25. Lightweight and you just slip your arm through it to carry it.


I like to get the amp off the floor, but the less stuff I have to bring to a gig, the better. My 1st choice is a milk crate; after that, a chair will do. If the bar has a full case of empty beer bottles, that works well too.


I’ve always thought Atlas makes nice wood stands. Pretty and they fold up like a lawn chair.


Tilt-Back legs aren't quite the same....

When I can stack the CVR up on the Extension Cabinet, that always sounds best.

I had planned to buy an Amp Stand, ...probably have even more need now.


I just bought a Boss Katana 100 watt 2x12, it has little fold down legs under the front bottom edge. They angle the amp up, enough to make a big difference in the direction of the sound. They automatically snap closed when you pick the amp up, I like them a lot.


Not to highjack or derail, since I'm pretty interested in this topic, but what-say-you-all about amp stands vs floor wedges?

I just ran across a Youtube video which pretty emphatically supported collapsble milk crates - I'm totally not against anything, just curious.


I use a metal, collapsible (only when you want it to) amp stand just like the one in Parabar's post. It's light, portable, and just makes everything better, especially at practices and gigs where I'm not on an elevated stage. On an elevated stage I think some of the benefits go away.


crush an empty soda can, stick it under the front of the amp, done!


I use a binder stuffed under the front, for tilt.


Anybody else here just kind of like the sound of an amp on the ground?



Anybody else here just kind of like the sound of an amp on the ground?


– Konrad

Quite often, yes. Depends on the stage and the room. If it gets too bassy, I tilt it a little, otherwise, my combo sits on the floor.


Milk crates. Chairs. Bricks under the front edge. There are so many low-tech solutions, some of which you don't even have to carry with you.

It's easy to figure out whether you like the sound better with the amp coupled to the floor or on whatever item you stack it on.

There's just the slightest whiff of over-thinking about this thread...

But I'll tell you this. If you ever have to play a rock symphony in a church, competing with the pipe organ, and have only a 2-12 Silvertone, lean it upward against the back wall toward the arched ceiling of the sanctuary. You may not have anything to say musically, but it will be in the voice of God.


The floor makes a huge difference. A solid concrete floor doesn't enhance the low end like a spring, wooden floor does. What's directly behind the cab makes a difference as well. A wall will reflect the sound from an open back cab; curtains or just space will not. The room's acoustic properties make major differences. Pointing your amp upwards helps dispersion immensely.


Only hack at home now. Always played with the amps on a floor.

Tried out my AC10C1 on an old end table that is just the right size to hold it. It's about 2' tall, and so far, I like what I'm hearing.

It's also next to a wall, but being closed back amp, that shouldn't make any difference.

I play standing and sitting, and when sitting, I get exactly what the amp is putting out. The little Vox will be staying on the table.


If there wasn't such a thing as over-thinking then guitar forums wouldn't exist. ;)


I use a good old Vox tube stand on my AC30, complete with superfluous "Beatle Correct" guide pins.


Seems to me I've seen milk-crate-type plastic framework boxes at Wal-Mart....didn't realize actual milk crates aren't seen much anymore.I "liberated" a couple from various long-ago gigs and they're still giving good service. ;)


Never used them for years, but finally bought one - and it really made all the difference in the world regarding hearing the tone of my amps.. That upward tilt really makes a difference.


I use a good old Vox tube stand on my AC30, complete with superfluous "Beatle Correct" guide pins.

– duojet55



An expired roll of duct tape works great as a front wedge and is easy to stick in the back or in your cord bag.


Milk crates are technically illegal---stolen property. Apparently this isn't enforced, along with Post Office trays. Still, they're handy as Hell. The Wal Mart versions are nowhere near as sturdy. I still have some outdated steel milk crates---too heavy for the milk trade anymore. They'll support a Harley. Milk crates just don't look too professional on stage.


If memory serves, the Walmart ones are collapsible, and therefore have an inherent weakness built in. But Costco (at least in Canada) will sell solid ones to you for $3.00. I have two, both black. I just cover them with a black cloth on stage.

Seems to be as strong as the dairy ones I used once upon a time.

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