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amp shootout


Well, here we got my 2 little guys. The brown one looks bigger but really is same as other except and inch or two taller. Both have 12s stuffed in and look totally badass on tilt legs.

Brown one is that impulse buy here from Just a Farmer... had Pete Cage totally tweak the chassis, and do a line out. It got a 4 ohm C 12N. So a big sound for 6 watts. Of course in fantasy cosmetics since there never were any brown Vibro Champs.

Other one may not be everyone's choice.. an 18 watter with gain split between channels so it is not all that loud and best of all does distort on 10 except a little with serious buckers going in

Of course, no pedals allowed.

Testing them with my gold standard Rick 650 and SG Diablo that is just passing thru -- sitll the big frets and location of controls especially volume, (all SGs should have this) make this a fun one to play.


The other part of the shootout --


Yikes sorry I got your name wrong -- we have a farmer here also. Tilt legs, and a C12N really sealed the deal.


Not a problem. Great to see that you're taking it to the "finish line".

I'm rooting for the little bugger.


Regardless of the outcome, sounds like it's going to be a fun showdown-a win/win situation!

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