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Quite an understatement. If you hadn’t included the swag with the amp I might not have thought about trying to contact Mr Smicz, which kinda brought him out of hibernation. I’m thankful that you sent the amp along my way.

My whole amp building odyssey has been pretty amazing. And thru this forum I’ve met so many cool people that it changed the game. It’s a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

My Double Jet has Alameda pickups that Mel made for me and a Truarc bridge from Tim. The amp is of course my 1954 Billy Gibson GA40 (so dubbed by Vince Ray) from BZ. How lucky am I?


Asks Twangmeister:

How can you keep learning all this new Recording stuff?



From GDP's own Mugsy/AKA Jer DeLisle:
deLisle Nickel Box, 5 watts; tube driven reverb and tremolo 12" Eminence Pvt Jack Speaker, fullsize cab; the perfect home amp (they record great too), beautifully built, sounds great, looks great, is great. Sitting next to the Nickel Box is my Tone Bakery Creme Verb that I took a chance on for under $300 It's basically a Chinese knockoff of the old Fender '63 outboard tube reverb unit. It's no deLisle or Zoom Kahuna, but it is surprisingly hand wired and gets "the sound" (especially after swapping out the stock 6V6 for a NOS 6K6).


I finally scored this 62 bassman head. I’d been looking for a while. It was worth the wait. I really wanted one with blond grill and dog bone handle.

I run it through a 15” Weber Blue dawg speaker.


Some recent iron:

Roland Spirit bass combo Alamo bass combo 80’s Marshall micro stack 80’s Marshall split 50 reverb Hard to find Marshall 110 speaker cab for my class 5 head(thanks JD!) Silverface Fender vibro champ Silverface Fender Princeton reverb

– Setzer

Dang is Sovtek still around -- I remember them as a big 90s scene.


Sovteks are cool. A guy I used to go see had a Burns Sonic bass into MIG50 into a Marshall 4x12 and it sounded incredible. Very Ox-like.

I think they were modelled on early Marshalls so by the same token they’re basically angry Fenders.


A Super Champ XD was not my latest, but the one I’ve gotten the most bang per buck out of. It’s usually plugged in to a 1x12 cab and that seems to be my sweet spot. A perfect practice amp that also works in garage jams. It’s loud enough, goes from shimmery cleans to stompy crunch with no change in volume and I don’t need to unpack my pedalboard.

My latest is a Spark, which has some pretty cool feature, but the IPad controls seem a bit convoluted. I’m working on it.


It’s funny, DCBirdo asked us all what our latest amp acquisition was but the place being what it is it’s turned into Ampoholics Anonymous.

– Tsar Nicholas

Yep, but what a ride seein' all this kool iron -- old and new. But no stacks, best I can tell -- no one's showing off their Marshall Major 200 w stack, etc.



– Setzer

Hey Paul what's that 2nd from left sorta double cut Tele lookin' thing.. all done up in BirdMan red.


59 GA20T, original speaker and mahogany foot switch. Conventional wisdom is, the foot switches were made from Les Paul cutaways. Last year for redwood cabinet.


Just hadda throw up The Wall!

– DaveH

Very nice. Are the blondes in the 2nd row a Bandmaster and Showman? How would you compare them in sound and performance?

And nice looking MilkMan.. which model ..and would you be kind enough to compare it to the fender brown/blondes? Thanks so much


Hey Paul what's that 2nd from left sorta double cut Tele lookin' thing.. all done up in BirdMan red.

– DCBirdMan

DC, It’s a wide neck parts tele loaded with Curtis Novak vintage tele style pickups. Has a Flame maple warmoth neck on a light weight nitro finished top loader 59 style body. It has Fender hardware and no headstock logo. Heavy knurled custom aluminum knobs for volume pedal steel swells. White single ply guard and white tall hat switch knob. I bought it off CL local years ago and added the hardware to my taste. I use the bridge cover too!

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