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New Old Amp Day. In 2003, guitars and amps were the furthest thing from my mind, and I wasn't playing but I had offically switched to Gretsch the year before.

A buddy of mine, John Martin - from my Philadelphia days--- fixed and built amps. In the late 90s at least around here silver panel Champs were around $100 and Vibro Champs were $125. So at one point I had 10 of them and still wish I had the pix of the Righteous Wall of Champs.

I gave him a few and he built them into all sorts of things. One JUST came back to me-- red/black, with 10" Jensen stuffed in, and a huge output transformer with a single 6550. (along w a 5AR4 and 12AX7).

In 2003 I gave it to a young lady who was recording, touring, performing all over. Always thought he could make me another but by 2006 he no longer was On This Planet

So 15+ years go by -- she has 3 kids and just dabbles in music now and had given it to her brother who just had it in the closet out in Denver. So connections were made and I got it back today. It's will be totally gone over -- hasn't been on in years.

So it's seen here with the 9 watt 6AQ5 Musicmaster bass going thru a 10, and in the middle is the local build 2 channel 14 watter going thru a 12 stuffed in there, and badass tilt back legs.

I only need 2 amps so the too-loud 14 watter is the one that eventually goes. It really needs to be out there yelling at people and not playing at 3x acoustic guitar level which is my volume pretty much. For what I do 9 watts is plenty and there is a difference. So it's got my reverb and line out on there.

Hey also that white stuff on the left top of the middle amp is sticky goo from attachment-like Velcro stuff. What can get that off (safely) from tolex??


It's a durn purty amp with a great spec and all that history, and it sounds perfect for your actual needs.

If I chose gear on that basis, you and I would have very much the same taste in amps: the right wattage for clean headroom at bold room level max, with the most speaker you could get in the box for fattentone.

In fact, a move to 7-15 watts of simple clean power would make perfect sense for my more-or-less actual needs...but always in pairs for stereo. Instead, I'm all clean-tube-amped up in the 20-45 watt range, with outliers at 50 (Music Man 1-10 and Ampeg flip-top 2-12) and 65 (Music Man 1-12).

Maybe I should take the 14-watter offa your hands as a start toward that move (assuming it sounds clean/fat/morless Fendery).

What can get that [goo] off (safely) from tolex?

Rubbing alcohol, Goo Gone, finger rubbing, combination of the 3.


Hey yes the Goo Gone worked. I had some. Well fired up Little Red to hear hum, microphonics, no sound. So off to our cool local tube amp guy, endorsed by many around here including our very one Bob Howard.

He is also the guy who built the 14 watter. It's sort of a hybrid .. the 12" speaker of a Deluxe, the 12-14 watts of Princeton , 2 Champ VTB channels, all in a Champ case (actually 2" taller and 1" deeper-- custom Mojo build) Jensen Neo, line out, standby, tilt legs, cover. It is the Fender vibe for sure with just a bit more bass response built in because to me 1960s/70s brown/black/silver panels were weak on bass response. Even fully restored and tweaked, you go from 1- to 10 on bass knob and not a lot happens on the bass scene. Thomas Vox blew em away on bass.

But with the demented spending frenzy around here... Dano doubleneck, Vox 9 string, '59 Musicmaster, and the 28.5 scale P bass, that Rick 1000/Electro up here... there are some bills to pay. Been a scary gear month but all part of The Master Plan. So the Electro, this Cage amp if yer into it, the hi-end Veillette bass, Martin D Jr and the 1/4 size Kay upright bass all gotta go.


He is also the guy who built the 14 watter.

Yep, Pete Cage, master tube amp guy. He also plays George in a Beatles tribute band...occasionally. Also plays some rockabilly here around town.


He is also the guy who built the 14 watter.

Yep, Pete Cage, master tube amp guy. He also plays George in a Beatles tribute band...occasionally. Also plays some rockabilly here around town.

– Bob Howard

He plays in a 60s band...apart from the occasional Beatles group. Good all around guy to know


Just FYI,Goo-gone is mainly naptha,which is lighter fluid.Been using lighter fluid for many years before goo gone was invented.One of the best cleaners...for just about anything.


Eucalyptus oil works well - and smells better than naptha!

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