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All of the Boss Katana Tones in 10 minutes…


I'm seeing a lot of very positive reviews of the Katana MKII. Seems worth the money alone just to get it as an effects platform - I mean, buying even 5 Boss pedals would set you back more than the cost of this amp.

I'm wondering 2 things, though:

1) How does it sound as a recording platform, using the rec. out line or the USB?

2) How does the headphone out sound? (I've seen some reviews that weren't pleased with how it sounded with headphones plugged in.)

3) How does the sound quality compare to the Fender Tone Master?

4) Why can't I count?

Seems to me this would make a great amp for the apartment: - practicing at low volume or with headphones - Accessing tons of effects without having to buy extra pedals - home recording

And, to boot, everyone seems to feel it's just a great-sounding amp.


I've used the first edition of the Boss Katana quite a bit as a guitar lesson amplifier. It's provided by the facility. I really like it. It holds its own in small rehearsal room settings too.

I'm impressed enough that I think I'm going to pick one of the Mark II's up.

The Sweetwater video on the Katana with Nick Bowcott are really good.



I just ordered a Katana 100w ARTIST MKII. The Artist is the pro edition of the Katana series. I played the MKI at a local GC and I was mightily impressed! That amp, with the Waza Greenback speaker ROCKS. The cleans alone and the efx are well worth the 599.00 list price! On back order til March 1, but I have my order in!


I have the original Katana 100 watt 2x12", and I love it! It's extremely versatile, and keeps me from needing to have a boat load of pedals. All of my pedals got stolen a number of years ago, and I was facing starting all over. The Katana made great sense to me, when I started adding up just how much it was going to cost to replace the stolen pedal collection. I ended up buying just a few specialty pedals, a loop station, and the Katana.

After the last update, Katana owners have access to 62 different Boss effects (15 loaded simultaneously). I bought the 6 button (dual function) foot controller as well, and can't imagine using the amp without it. I can (and do) add two expression pedals to the foot controller, for even more fun. I've been telling anyone who would listen, just how cool these Katana amplifiers are. I'm very happy with mine!


I’m making a new post under NAD, but I received my Katana Artist MKII a few days ago and, oh my, what an amazing amp!!!!! I’m so glad I waited! Took it to the gig last Sat night and I was so pleased with the BIG , full sound and depth... even with our loud-ass band! And audience members and band members were impressed as well! And it has a dedicated built-in acoustic pre-amp as well, and that sounded great! Highly recommended! Acoustic, crunch, grind, lead. Waza “ brown” lead, shred... and that amazing Waza Green speaker!


This is a cool jam! I was listening to this as background music at work.

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