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Advice replacing fuse on a Vox AC30CC2


Anyone ever replace the mains fuse on a Vox AC30 or AC15, the one that sits inside a little door (or pocket ) directly under the mains input socket?

I'm helping a friend troubleshoot his amp and replace that mains fuse, but that little fuse door does not want to easily open. Before I apply much more force can someone describe how that fuse is accessed (does that door pop off, slide open, something else?)




Hi Dan, it slides out, it actually holds the fuse. I would add a picture of it but I can't from my phone.



Thanks JR !!! There's a small recess at top of the fuse compartment where I was inserting a screwdriver tip to pry it open - but it was being stubborn and I didn't want to force it without being sure. We got it now !!!


That fuse blowing is an indicator of a major problem with those particular amps, and to keep from having to have the power section rebuilt your friend can fend this situation off by NOT using the standby switch, as that bit of kit is responsible for intermittent voltage spike resulting the the fuse blowing and will eventually cause such a spike it will take out more than the fuse.

All to say Leave the bypass switch on and just use the on/off switch.. it'll buy time until the inevitable


My fuse blew and Tavo is right. Mine blew and it needed a rectifier tube. These tubes go quick. Seems to be a problem because of the standby switch according to many of the guys at PlexiPalace. Their advice is to not use the standby switch . Just keep it in the ON position all the time. You will get more life out of the tube...just like Tavo said.


Just keep it in the ON position all the time. You will get more life out of the tube...just like Tavo said.

i don't believe the originals had a standby switch.


I dont understand what you said bscepter. All of the AC30cc2 , cc1 and cc2x models had the standby switch.


I believe he is talking about the Vox amps from the 60's.


HI this is why the NEW ac30c2 has a solid state rectifier , the ac30cc2 with the rec tube all had problems , the tube would go . now there built with this solid state retifier , problem gone . im sure some how some where a tech has found a way of converting one from tube to solid state rect .

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