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New Chet release for Record Store Day


Never officially released, recorded 1958. Sundazed Records are releasing this.



Sundazed puts out some good stuff.


There was an album called "Guitar Genius" that had his brother singing on it. Jim had a marvelous voice. Wonder how the title list compares.

In a similar vein, a guy posted Chet doing "Jalousie" something I'd never heard and something that apparently never made it to an album.

He included some stunning blends of lovely women to complement the vid


The plot thickens!

Here's an old thread on the chetboard about this very album

Rarest Chet album? "My Brother Sings"

Postby Hendrik » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:48 am There is Chet LP on eBay from 1958 that I've never seen before; "My Brother Sings". This is of course with his brother Jim and it must be the rarest Chet album ever, even more scarce than the Sesac albums. There is so little information to find, but what I do know is that most of the songs on this albums are available on the 7 CD-box "Mr. Guitar - The Complete Recordings". Maybe it was a project aside "The Guitar Genius"? The current bid is $102,50 with still six days to go...

Tracklist 1. Swanee River 2. Country Style 3. Out of Nowhere 4. Stinky 5. Apple Blossom Time 6. Zing Went the String of My Heart 7. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 8. Asleep in the Deep 9. My Funny Valentine 10. When Day is Done 11. Even Tho' 12. I Know That You Know

Here's the track list for Guitar Genius

RCA Camden CAL-753 The Guitar Genius: Heartbreak Hotel; Swanee River; Blackjack; I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time; Daar's 'N Wind Wat Waai; It's Now Or Never; Out Of Nowhere; Hidden Charm; Even Tho'; When Day Is Done – 07-63


Aw jeez. I've been able to resist the Sundazed releases of Chet in the past but now I think I HAVE to get this!


Somehow, a few copies of the "unreleased" RCA album made it into the world. In 2013, a mint and unplayed copy sold for nearly $9,000.


Makes you wonder how these albums got put together Back In The Day. I get the feeling that Chet didn't always have full control over his releases since the "My Brother Sings" apparently started to get released and immediately pulled.

"Country Style," "Stinky," "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" and "I Know That You Know" were part of the "Mister Guitar" album released in 1959 as was "My Brother Sings".

"Guitar Genius" came out in 1963.

Like Alice said... "Curiouser and curiouser..."


I would imagine that Chet and the label came to the conclusion that this might not be the greatest use of a Chet Atkins album release. What seems like a great idea at the time is often looked at in retrospect as not so great after all.

No offense to Jim Atkins intended. : )


Since "Mr Guitar" and "My Brother Sings" were both finished in 1959 it looks like it was an "either or" situation and the vocals were temporarily shelved. A lot would depend on just how many relatively new albums Chet was contracted to release (on top of his producer duties).

One of those back room "product decision" things we'll never know all the details of.

Some of Chet's hottest guitar work is on the "Genius" album as he backs his brother. According to Paul Yandell On "Guitar Genius"

"...Chet used a ‘58 Country Gentleman with some kind of split pickup that he put on the top between the regular pickups. It just sat on the top in front of the bridge pickup. There are some small pictures in the Russ Cochran book (page 170) down the side of one page where you can see part of the pickup and output wire."


Looks like there are a lot of similarities in the two albums. I have the Guitar Genius album. I have always been impressed with brother Jim's voice. So much like Bing Crosby. Incidentally, the Guitar Genius album was released on the RCA Camden label.

Black Jack is one of my favorites.


It Was a Camden release. Hmmm... That smacks of New York meddling,

Oh well... If they make the latest release into a CD a lot of Chet addicts will get a good "fix" from it.


As someone who worked in record stores for many years, beginning 40 years ago, I can provide a little background on Camden. It was the budget imprint for RCA. Virtually without exception, every record on RCA Camden was a lower priced reissue of an album that had originally been released on RCA Victor. Although I don't know about this specific title, my experience says the copy of Guitar Genius that Richard has is likely not from the original release/pressing of the album.


The original album, My Brother Sings, was never officially released. Apparently, this was the first time Chet would record in stereo, newly installed in Studio B.

The RCA/Camden release was put out in Mono. This new release from Sundazed uses the "original master tapes", and the original stereo has been restored.

You can read about the 1958 recording here, on Googlebooks...My Brother Sings


Interesting how Paul Yandell's version of the split pickup effect differs from what the guy who wrote the googlebook says.

That individual says Chet used his solid top 6120 that first used the split Ray Butts pickup whereas Paul said it was a pickup that was temporarily attached to the 58

This is the strip of pictures Paul was referring to. It is certainly a 58 Gent (no zero fret) and Something is going on behind the fingerboard pickup

You might have to download the pic and blow it up using your favorite photo manipulating program


This is best heard thru headphones.

This is the "Swannee River" as done by Chet and Jim. You can clearly hear a split pickup in use when Chet plays, particularly when he plays those spinning pulloffs that he does so well.


It's so cool hearing that stereo guitar through headphones


Ray Butts could and did make Chet any kind of pickup or wiring harness he asked for. I tend to believe Paul Yandell on this particular instance, that being Chet was using a specially rigged 6122-58 rather than solid top 6120 the author of the book cited.

The strip of film certainly looks like it was shot in a recording studio and as I pointed out earlier, there is defintitely something going on between the fingerboard and bridge pickup on that guitar

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