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80/‘81 Fender 75 amp


Back a few years when I decided I wanted an amp with a 15" speaker, before taking advice here and got a [fabulous!] Gretsch Executive, locally, I ran across a Fender 75 for IIRC, $300-350. I played my SC through it and no matter how I configured the guitar and the amp - as many setting combo's as possible, I found it to be underwhelming/unimpressive. The amp had no issues as it had been looked over recently and never been abused but the tone and sound with any settings just sounded very sterile; no real warmth. Loud as hell at 75 watts and had the switch for 15 amps for home use, but I'm wondering if any of you guys who know amps inside out can shed light on why this amp behaved this way? I never recall it being a popular amp. It's output & the 15" size speaker are essentially the same - other controls and wiring aside - as today's Twin Custom 15. The speaker in that 75 had no labels at all but did look, as I remember now, looking like a JBL D series. This amp didn't sound even close to playing my SC through many amps (without a 15" speaker) in my local store at the time.

Don't want one but curious why this amp wasn't popular and why it sounded as I've described. Thanks in advance.


That was a weird time for them. The Rivera stuff was going on which was was cool...but the classic silver panel era was over. Surprsied they were going after the single 15 scene then at all. I know where there's an NOS unsold Fender 75 .. its time came and went, I guess. Must have been 4 6L6 cause it's up to close to Twin Reverb output.


I've been interested in the Model 30.

I've just watched a bunch of videos. It seems to be a difficult amp to dial in. I think it must be more misunderstood than anything.

It sounds pretty good clean, just a little boomy.


When you look at the schematic, there's a whole lot going on. It's like there are superfluous gain stages. You gotta have your effects loop! It's 1980!


An old friend of mine bought one of those in 1983 or so . My bud and I had Mesa Boogie MK2b combos at the same time.It seems like Fender was trying that route with the 75. Dismal failure IMHO.That thing could not hold a candle to the Boogie amps of that era.


Thanks for the input. It seemed overly complicated to me and like I said, it couldn't do anything well, loud notwithstanding. Sounds like the consensus so far is that it was trying to serve too many masters and didn't end up pleasing any of them!


Yes, exactly .Not to mention its unreliable nature.Not a high water mark for the amp line.


It got worse a bit later but before the 1985 Fender 'rebirth'. Some swear by the 1982-84 red knob scene, etc. Fender London? Fender Montreaux? You tell me.....


The amp I looked at had the standard black & white knobs, not the red ones which I believe signalled the start of the SS range of models.


I bought mine brand new in England in early 80s I found it an improvement on my Fender Bandmaster stack. I still have it only problem I have had in all this time was a replacement Celestian speaker...I had lent it to a friend who was standing in as a late replacement on a gig ..when it came back the original speaker had blown.(still have it in abox somewhere) He didnt tell me that the base had been playing through it at full volume at same time as he was playing lead.!!! I have found it to be very versatile for my 6119 Tenny and my Musicman Sabre 2. mine has the black and white knobs.

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