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6V6s in a blonde tremolux 6G9B


I just played my friends tremolux . It’s his main amp and he’s been running it with jj 6v6 tubes for years with no problems. Sounds amazing . But I’m surprised this is possible.

I know there is a booty of amp knowledge on this forum and was wondering what your thoughts are on doing this?

Would it now want to see an 8ohm load? Would the wattage be lower?

Thank you


Is this the blonde piggy back Tremolux? I'd be curious to hear about this. Original transformer? Was that circuit cathode biased?


I have run those same JJ 6V6 tubes in my bassman clone in an attempt to tame volume, with no apparent consequences. I wouldn't put 6L6 tubes in an amp looking for 6V6 tubes, though...

Edit: Jman, the amp was a fixed bias amp, too.


Didn't the very very first piggyback Tremolux have 2 6BQ5 ? I know I have seen that claim in several different places


If you know what you are doing there are quite a few tube subs you can do. I was lucky enough to have a pair of JJ 6V6s which biased at almost exactly the same point as the JJ KT77s I ran in the amp. So I could just swap between KT77s and 6V6s when I wanted. The sound was better with the KT77s but the 6V6s ran at a comfortable volume - well, still pretty loud but not bad. And they sounded pretty good too.

With a good tweed Deluxe you can actually run 6L6s if you change the rectifier to a GZ34. Isn't that what Neil Young does? I think the amp sounds better with 6V6s because 6L6s get a bit too scooped for me in that amp. The volume isn't different really but the tone is. You don't get any extra headroom from the 6L6s because the plate voltage is too low. So it works in a tweed but whatever you do DON'T try that in a BF Deluxe Reverb.

And in a lot of my amps I use JJ KT77s instead of EL34s or 6L6s because I just love the sound. I have to use beefier power transformers because EL34s and KT77s draw much more filament current than 6L6s but a Tweed Super with KT77s sounds amazing. My all-time favourite amp is a 1x12 5F4 Super with KT77 power tubes. You can't do it with the stock transformer but if you have a beefier tranny it is worth trying. It fills out the mids a bit better and the overdriven sound is so much gutsier. It's a very big sound for an amp not much bigger than a Deluxe.


If you run 6V6s, you could plug the 4 ohm load into the 8 ohm tap on the OT. Or you could do nothing. Fender amps tolerate a mismatch of one step pretty well, and there is usually an "operating range" involved rather than a life-or-death number. (I may get beat up by the gurus for saying that)

I say that partially because I have converted several Fender Hot Rod Deluxes AND even a few Hot Rod Devilles to run on 6V6 tubes. On paper, it's not within certain "parameters". However, they sound GREAT that way, at a manageable volume, and I have yet to ever have one come back to me for repair in 4-5 years.


Speaking of operating outside of parameters...the Blues Jr I built that NJBob has. It has Hot Rod Deluxe transformers, and highly modified innards so that it can look and function just like a Blues Jr., but kick out 40 watts with a pair of 6L6GCs. All with working Reverb and FAT boost. It's been running like that since 2009, and I'm honestly amazed that it didn't exploded into little tiny pieces on the first gig.


Those JJ 6V6S can take a lot of abuse. I had four of them in my Twin Reverb for a while.

I'm thinking about putting them in my Silvertone.


The Electro Harmonix ones will take high plate voltage, too.


Thanks all. I just looked at the schematic and the blonde tremolux looks to put less on the plates than a deluxe reverb. So will try 6v6 in mine


That circuit only runs 345 volts of B+, but bias is fixed at -36v. That will still be too much bias for the 6V6's. It won't hurt anything, but adjusting the bias would make it sound better. It's set by that 39K resistor on the power supply card. To make the 6V6's happy, you should run the amp with an 8 ohm load. It will sound better.


Thanks Billy! Will check out bias. 8 ohms is great cause i can run a single speaker. He was running his into an 8 too.


It's always great when BZ adds to the conversation. I gladly admit that I don't know 1/10th of what he does, and I like learning from these threads.


It's always great when BZ adds to the conversation. I gladly admit that I don't know 1/10th of what he does, and I like learning from these threads.

– JBGretschGuy

Yep! Was thinking that exact same thing. The knowledge as well as it being imparted by BZ. A plusplusplus : Love the Gretsch Pages!


As long as you are going to adjust the bias anyways,I would add a cermet pot to replace that 39?k (the schem I have looks like 33k) resistor.I would use a 100k pot,will give you enough range in case you want to go back to 6L6's.


A pot is a good idea. Thanks

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