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6G6B- is it possible to buy replacement cab cloth to match the head


Is it possible to buy aged replacement grill cloth for a late 63 early 64 6G6B cab baffle to (close) match the head?

Someone had reclothed the 2x12 cabinet in brown and I would like to replace it with the wheet gold cloth but am concerned it will not look even close .

Does anyone here have experience with this?

You can see the reissue 63 reverb cloth on the head sitting above the bassman isn’t even close

Thank you


The difference between the top two in your photo is 50+ years of use. You should be able to google various methods of aging, there's a couple of methods on this forum post.


I could be wrong, but I think the smooth blonde tolex amps had wheat w/gold grill cloth instead of the plain wheat used with the brown tolex amps. It's harder to find, but still available.


Thanks Fritz. The link has some good advice


Thanks Mel. I checked and you are correct.The 63/64 blondes had a different cloth than the browns . Was w/gold. Guess I could find that and then try some of the aging methods


I built my own 2x12 cab after i finally found a 6G6-B head over here, back in 2007. My initial plan was to wait for a regular black tolex cab to turn up, and recover it blonde. Well, I was a little impatient, I guess, and after about a month I decided to build my own cab. I worked in a music store at the time, so I had access to pretty much all the parts I needed. And measurements were collected, both online (thanks to a certain señor Tavo Vega) and in person (shared stage with two Swedish bands, where the guitarists both owned complete set-ups), and it turned out pretty good. It's heavy and loud, though, loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s ;).

However, my source for tolex and grille cloth only had the regular wheat type, and it bothered me a bit. Fast forward 8 or 9 years, all of a sudden I found the right kind of grille cloth on eBay. Cheap, fast shipping, and apart from the age factor, the cab matches the head pretty good IMO.

I'll see if I can find the name of the seller/eBay store somewhere. I'm at work at the moment...



Thanks, Anders! That would be great!


You could always buy a little more grille cloth, give it a relic treatment and make a second baffle for the head. In this case you'd make sure to match the looks.

Put the original on if you should ever decide to sell it.


I'm sorry, eCastro. No invoice in my papers, the sender's address is just a warehouse, not the actual seller (I kept the box with the little piece I didn't use). The purchase was done July 2015, the oldest receipt in the Paypal system is from Sept '15. I've also searched the eBay sellers I've rated, and I can't figure out which one it was. The seller is probably no longer active, and I can't find identical cloths on eBay at all.

I realize this isn't helpful at all, but here's a crappy cell phone photo taken after i changed the grille cloth.


If you want it to match, replace the cloth on everything.


Thanks Billy, Anders and Sascha.

Think I’ll buy the extra. Try and age the lot of it, do the box and if it doesn’t match redo the whole thing.

Wish I waited for a complete set in the first place .. ;-/

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