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63’ Fender Bassman Common Problems Question


Ive asked in a previous topic about why my amp was so loud and crappy sounding. luckily with the help of all of you I have been able to fix most of the issues regarding common problems faced when acquiring vintage amps such as this.

So far its been:

  • Leaky capacitors that needed replacing
  • Replacing the old 2 prong ground wire with a modern 3 prong
  • Incorrect Tubes (the common "black-facing" repair they do at Guitar shops)
  • Removing the "mud" resistor on the normal channel of the amp

These corrections have made a huge improvement on the amp, but Im still getting a high pitched noise coming from the amp at any volume.

Im wondering what other common problems are there on these old amps that I can start checking? maybe the pre-amp tubes? they look fine but who knows.

Anyway, thanks again for all your continuing help guys! Many times i get frustrated with it and want to sell the damn thing....but no way! I just love this amp and want it sounding the way it should.


The most common problem is unqualified owners trying to fiddle their own amps instead of taking them to a good tech!


Thanks Billy, all sarcasm aside...I actually do enjoy working on the amp and you've always gave some good advise but finding a good reliable tech used to working on vintage amps in Miami, FL is a rare find.


When I bought my '64 Bandmaster, I took it in for a full maintenance overhaul. It's had zero issues for over five years and sounds amazing.

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