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50 Years of Thomas Vox — March edition


Gotta get this going for early in the month cause I know y'all can't wait!

So for March we move up to to the Pacemaker, so sort of their non reverb Princeton. Tube first, then solid state by mid '66 at latest. Tube and solid state may have overlapped.

So full details here.



I LOVE my '68 Pacemaker...the second one I've owned. I traded my first for a Gretsch Compact Tremolo which wasn't a bad deal, but I really missed having the Vox. Mine has the "E-Tune" feature like my brother's Beatle head. I also have the heavy duty Vox footswitch.


This is by far the best two button footswitch ever made. It is physically HEAVY, so it doesn't slide around like those wimpy stamped Fender footswitches . One switch controls the vibrato, while the other is a momentary switch which controls the MRB (mid-range boost) feature. It has to be held down to get the MRB effect. Once released, the MRB goes off.


The Vox footswitches and volume pedals from back in the '60s were bulletproof. Heavy is an understatement. The one on my Super Beatle weighed a ton, tho still lighter than the speaker bin. The only "iffy" part was the DIN plug.


By 68 the e-tuner had been added.

Probably the true expert on Thomas Vox is this guy R.G Keen -- www.geofex.com

He has a series of books on care and feeding of these unique creatures. One of the books is about footswitches alone.



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