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49 Fender on the ‘bay…seems cheap to me.


I have nothing to do with the auction, and no horse in the race. Have I not been paying attention (right, I haven't), or is this a bargain at this stage of the sale?

Even given the seller's disclaimers (which tell me he ain't vouchin' for nothin')...why so low?

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the pre-1955 or so octal ones are mellower sounding than the 9 pin miniatures, and all this bs how it screams, etc. is just hype to get all the vintage fender slaves all jazzed up.

Must have been for their steels because in 1949 they hadn't made a single guitar. I'm guessing seller is confident that it will get into whatever range these go for.


That amp is my age....

...and it's in better shape.


The cabinet is really clean but there doesn't appear to be one original part on the board. I wonder how they forgot to rob the 'death cap'?


Let's see what it ends up going for. Still four days left. Fairly certain you'll see the 'snipers' swoop in at the last minute..


As Jeff says, a completely rebuilt board and the output transformer has been changed and chassis mounted. Would originally have been mounted on the speaker..

Factor in the drilled control plate and you have to wonder about the collector value.

Having said that, the rebuild looks like a pro job however the crosshead board screw makes me wonder if the board itself is original.

Probably a great sounding amp but not worth much more than $1200.


Never seen a 70 year old amp with wood that bright and clean, and a tube chart that white.

Some of the hookup wire looks like it could be original.

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