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1964 bassman goes to 10 or was it 11?


quite interesting. thought it would be nice to share


This amp is not running correctly.. right at 1:21 the amp is on 5, treble right where the tapped pot kicks in 5 1/2, bass on 5... His amp is either not biased correctly or has the wrong tubes and/or wrong filter caps.. this amp should start breaking up right here easy. Plus what ever he recorded with has some hard compression and has made the amp sound rubbery. Probably doesnt help using a wimpy strat, as I can take my T-armond loaded Telecaster and lay down full AC/DC crunch by 8 on the dial, even sooner w Filtertrons

Here's a raw example of what it should really sound like


Strats are wimpy, but not that Wimpy. Maybe he's afraid of the Volume knob on the guitar.


50's Fenders did go to 12. That's 20% more numbers. Think about it.


Right, they went to 10 with in 1960 with the piggybacks/front panel amps. For me, of all of em---and I had a 1959 Bassman I bought for $850 about 18 years ago -- for me the single 12 brown Deluxe or Vibrolux is it.


There's so many great tones available on a strat but 'off' is my favourite. IMNSHO.


My Cybertwin went to 255. But the master volume only went to 127.


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