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1961 Brown Deluxe versus 1965 Deluxe Reverb


I read the article. I think the wrong values have been stated for the 6g3 tone caps. I only spotted it as I'm building one on the dinner table.


Great information and beautiful visuals as always Shuggie.


Yep. Great videos! Look forward to seeing more.

Just realised you've had detailed vids on 4 models of deluxe 5A3, 5E3, 6G3 and AB763.



My favourites are the tweaked 5A3 and the 6G3.


You are correct Uncle Daddy - I just messaged my editor to see if that can be corrected.

Thanks for the heads up


Rob Robinette has a lot of useful info about lots of Fender amps online which I consulted when rebuilding a DRRI recently. According to him the stock DR tonestack is more or less flat with bass and treble on zero. As you raise bass and treble the scoop becomes more and more pronounced. In the DR the tonestack consists of a .1µF bass cap, a .047 mids cap and a 250pF treble cap, with a 6K8 resistor on the bass pot determining the amount of midrange.

If you compare it to a Super Reverb's "Vibrato" channel, which has a midrange pot, that midrange pot is a 10K linear, which means that 6K8 is equal to having the mid pot at around 3/4 way up. So if you want the equivalent of having the midrange up full in a DR replace the 6K8 with a 10K.

The Super is also different in having a .022µF mids cap which kind of counter-intuitively creates slightly less of a mid scoop. So when I rebuilt my DRRI I used a 10K mids resistor on the bass pot and a .022 mids cap. No bright cap! I also swapped out the 250pF treble cap to 500pF which makes the treble pot reach further into the mids. Overall the differences are subtle but I prefer them.

I've been fortunate enough to play both a genuine '65 DR and spend some time with a brown Deluxe. Both amps are rather rare here in Australia so to able to open up and inspect a brown Deluxe was fantastic. I've also built one of each. The Brown Deluxe is a real treat - some of the best natural overdrive in a Fender amp and the most mids-focussed of the Deluxes IMO. Which probably goes a long way to explain why it sounds so good overdriven!

Shuggie I plan to watch your video later on tonight when everyone else has gone to bed. I'll down a pint of bitter while I watch to assist with my accent translation


So, the coupling cap is why the Super has more mids than a DR? Always wondered about that....

And I wonder if the "Bass and treble at 0 bis pretty much flat" thing on a DR is also the same on a Princeton (I'm guessing it is?).... what I really wonder is, is a DR with the EQ and bass and treble on 0 similar at all to the mids of the brown Deluxe?

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