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15” Speaker Recommendations Needed


I have a 1962 Fender Pro that came with the Jensen P15N which sounds great. I tried a JBL D130F for a while and that sounded great too with a lot of clarity. I found a pair of 15" mid 1960's Jensen Vibranto speakers with big alnico magnets. These sound like a high power P15N and are great for the Pro. Finally I ran across a pair of good condition Altec 418 and stuck one in the Pro. It is a very nice speaker, similar but different than the JBL or the Jensens. The Altec has stayed in the Pro for 6 mo. now. But I wouldn't hesitate to swap back to any of these speakers as each one gives the amp something special. Much bigger change than any tube swap I have done. By the way I also have a Ampeg Gemini II which came with a 15" Jensen Concert but is now running the JBL D130F. I pretty happy with the amps now but that could change any time! I have never tried newer speakers but I do have a 1976 CTS 15 with the big square mag. to try someday. I hope this is some help. Thanks John


I was thinking about vibranto speakers as well. They are terrific speakers in as well and a good value on the secondary market. You have to be a bit careful to know exactly what you're getting, but there is a chart you can easily Google search to decode the manufacture codes.


Funny...I had a D130 in a 5E3 clone...everybody talks about squeaky clean and hi-fi, but mine definitely leaned toward tubby, like Billy says. I wanted it so badly, then couldn't bond with it. I've got a '54 5D5 Pro that sounds heavenly...I'll check which Jensen is in it tomorrow...P15Q, I think...

– charlie chitlins

Mine is a P15N. I forgot to look if it's ribbed or smooth. I'm thinking ribbed...but I was also thinking P15Q...

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