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You’ve Got A Friend cover (DANCHOLLOWAY)-VIDEO


Hello everyone, I continue to have fun in duo with my friend Sergio and his rhythm. Today we wanted to be acoustic and the thought goes to the great James Taylor, the arrangement of "You've Got A Friend" is by fantastic guitarist Dancholloway.

I used my Taylor 814CE amplified in my Rivera Sedona Lite.

I hope you like it, GREETINGS.


I enjoyed listening and you two seemed to enjoy playing. Thanks!

I think I have to grab my acoustic now and try to learn this :)


Man, that's the stuff right there. Sounds great!


Thank you guys!!!! I try to have fun, only this interests me.


Excellent, Paolo! You guys look you are having a great time. Thank you for posting!


Beautiful. I want to try to learn this exactly like you...but I won't live that long..


Grazie Baba Joe. NJBob you can do even better.!!!


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