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Young Thing cover (CHET ATKINS)- VIDEO


Hello everyone, Me and my friend Sergio we had fun trying to replicate (in our way, with many imperfections here and there) the beautiful song by Chet present in the 1994 studio album Read my lick, YOUNG THING.

Here we used my Fender Telecaster 52 reissue (pure vintage), attached in my Fender Twin Reverb and the LP Cajon signature Kevin Ricard.

Hope you like it.


Hey, now . . . that put a smile on my face!

Nice work, Paolo.


Great playing and sound. Looks like you all were having fun!


Love that wee tune,well played sir's!


very nice ! I enjoyed that a lot.


Great boogie-woogie tune Paolo! Lots of jump to it!


Thanks guys, I'm really happy to hear your replies. Live the music, the good one.

These days, I'm intrigued by the hybrid guitars with the Taylor T5, I'm listening to many demonstration videos, a nice idea to have more sounds at hand. Of course it takes the right amplifiers, for electric and acoustic. Normally I am very skeptical about hybrid instruments, but this T5 makes me lose sleep !!!!!


Nice Paolo, good to see the Tele getting some attention


Gazie Paul, I know that you really like the Telecaster sound !!!!!!

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