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What guitar is it?


Just enjoyed a great YouTube video of Bob Evans playing "Maple Leaf Rag". He played an acoustic guitar with what looks like an "S" on the headstock with black tuning keys. What guitar is it? I don't recognize it but it sure sounds and looks like a really good acoustic. Hoping someone here can solve the mystery! Thanks fellars!!! Steve


I don't know what it is, but it sounds great!


Yep, he's the guy...that's the one!! Don't it sound nice? Wisht I had one jis like it!! THANKS Uncle Grumpy for puttin' it on here. Yall might want to check out his other videos as well. Purdy good picker!!! Steve


A truly fine player indeed! I would love to see our own Taffy Paul tackle this one. He'd rip it up.


That is a great sounding guitar, & an exceptional player!

I wonder what the scale length is on that instrument. The nut is fairly wide (47 mm, or just under 1 7/8 inches).

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