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Does anyone make an output trans in the princeton/delux range that is 4 ohm, or is there a 4/8/16 multi tap style in that range?


Allen Amplification To22 I think..Heyboer manufacture.


Check with Josh, JBGretschGuy for his suggestions too.

He installed an output tranny in my VibroChamp, and it sounds amazing. Can't remember the brand, but he stated that it was made in the Chicago area IIRC.

Worth checking out


Every transformer manufacturer offers at least one. I'd recommend bumping the impedance up to 8K. It'll sound better. You can pick up a Hammond 1608 on Ebay.


If you don't mind spending a small fortune......

In my PR builds, I've used the Mercury Magnetic OT designed for the DR. Bigger iron, 8K primary with multiple taps.


Yes, the one installed in my VibroChamp is considerably bigger too, and it has the multiple primary taps.

I had the 8ohm tap used, just because I had a few different 8ohm speakers handy for it.

Have to say spending a little more, and going larger was well worth it. This little amp is just SO much better sounding. It now has sustain in spades.


Don't worry about the 10W rating. They're good for three times that, but it's a HiFi transformer rated for full frequency response and super low distortion at 10 watts.


Musical Power Supplies OT20PP

They sell on eBay for $35.

There's 2 left right now and they sound fantastic in my opinion.

They have 4,8, and 16 ohm taps.

8K and also 6.6K primary impedance taps.

Lots of bottom end power. I use them with 6V6 but they will work with EL84

Rated at 20 watts

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