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Well this could be the start of a new long on going series but did anyone see get this vid in their YT feed today?A little old but still pretty damn awesome that kids are keeping guitars,bass,drums etc alive today in music and kudos to the parents for the exposure.Both my son and daughter play violin,cello,guitar and my son has been on standup bass for 2 years and now has decided it’s onward to a Gretsch 5123 to accompany his Jr Jet bass.Anyway this kid was on a mission to make a case for Setzer then goes on to play Sleepwalk and a medley at school,skip to 3:30.


Btw...here’s my son with his new/old factory loaded TVJ Thundertron bass.He has three up coming concerts at school and county and he’s super stoked to play this beast.

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