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Understand Your Man cover (CHET ATKINS)-DEL_VECCHIO’s sound


We enjoyed recording in the studio "Understand Your Man" by Johnny Cash and arranged for guitar by the Great Chet Atkins in his 1965 album "More of that guitar country" ,one of my favorites.

Here I used my good old Del Vecchio just as Chet did in her recording.

I hope you like it, there are certainly no mistakes here and there ............!!!!!

Ciao from Italy,

Paolo, Pippo e Sergio


Lovely! Thanks for sharing.


It is a pleasure for us to share here, our passions.!!!


Hey Paolo enjoyed that. Thanks for the post mio amico


Very enjoyable sir,thanks for sharing !


Congrats to you and your compatriots, Paolo! Nice little entertaining tune and well done!


Thanks Dave, others will follow, hope you like it!

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