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Toby Lee aged 11 - unbelievable


I just can't get my head around it. I've been playing for 30 years and this kid sounds like he's been playing longer than that.

aged 10 in a romper suit, it just gets worse, or better depending how you look at it. Can't believe it. The talent is amazing.

What I find is I really enjoy listening to what he plays so I'm not listening to a kid play, I'm listening to a guitar player who really plays his shit.


Heck, I wish I could play that good, now! Very cool! Looked like he was having a blast!


He's a protégé for sure! We're going to be hearing a lot from this kid as he grows. I think it would absolutely fantastic to see him jam with Clapton. Now I'd lay out some serious cash to attend and be right down front.


He's even for the white guy blues face down pat!


Bless his 11 year old prodigy heart. He finally got to meet his #1 guy, his main man...Joe Bonamassa. That must have been a massive thrill for him, and I think it's wonderful that Joe has shared Toby Lee's videos with his fans on FaceBook and Twitter.

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