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The Wheelgrinders - New Video


Our brand new video debuted today..."Industrial Accidents & Quick Getaways". Just in time for our Euro Tour! A rockin' instrumental written by our bassist Caroline and featured on our album "Crank It Hard!". Hope y'all like it.


Very cool song and video, Greg!


Man that guitar looks awfully familiar!!!!!


Marvelous tune and great playing! Fabulous bass solo too! Congratulations!


Thanks guys! We’re super happy with it and really stoked to launch it before our Belgian and Dutch shows kick off in 10 days time.

And yep, Paul, that is a very familiar guitar indeed! Absolutely fell in love with it....thanks a million for the loan of it for those few months.


Wig-out daddio!


Cool video and it sounds great! Yep, I like it!


Cool stuff,Greg!

Ah,Paul's Club,i was saying to myself "I don't remember Greg mentioning he got a purple Club"!


Well now, dang me if that ain't a bucket load of fun right there!

You've all done a great job putting that together. Great tune, great performance and great video - all in all a top, top result.

2 things; 1) Mrs Deke says that's her favourite tune from you guys' set and I'm not about to disagree. 2) We were about a minute or so into the video and I said "I bet Nicole directed this". Do I win a prize?


Haha! You win the booby prize Deke...a visit from me in a week’s time!

Thanks everyone for your kind reaction to our tune and our video....we really appreciate it.


That's gettin'er done for sure. Great tone...lotsa great wrecks. Go Gallopin' Gertie!


Curses, Greg!

We have a reason to be down that way and would love to have met up with you, Nicole, Deke and Rachel again but it's not to be. SWMBO is recovering from a very nasty foot op and we both have a lingering virus that you guys don't want!

Have a great tour and enjoy Kent!

Oh, I can't add anything about the vid than Deke already said. Cool.


Great vid.


That one jumpin' tune with a moving and groovin' video to boot! Well done! Break a leg on your tour, Greg!




Great video, Greg.

Congrats on the new movie too.


Most excellent Greg, I enjoyed that immensely!


Great sounds Greg; love that CC. We need more instrumental music. Thanks!


Just seeing this now - that’s great Greg.

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