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The Tremeloes “Silence Is Golden”


Nice of the cameraman to do closeups on the guitars.


I think the Tremeloes were the first official endorser of Marshall amps, 1963.


I liked "Here Comes My Baby" better. Happy sounding song about an unhappy subject. Great vocals, very tight band. One of the first bands I saw that sounded better live than on record.

Saw them on their first US tour. They had a Bird combo organ that I've never been able to find anything out n the interwebs. Used the first 4X12 amps I'd ever seen, but Fender Showman amps for PA---early '60s. Gear back then was "interesting".


Bet you have some great playlists, Polecat!


Being a vocal harmony style band I liked them the first time I heard them. Their music still works today IMO.


Off topic .. I know .. but the Mavericks did a good cover of Here Comes My Baby.


Bet you have some great playlists, Polecat!

– eCastro

Thanks pal. I do.


Always great to see anything from those days that's not lip-synched.

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