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The T.A.M.I. Show” on TCM tonight


TCM is airing "The T.A.M.I. Show" tonight at 8pm EST., followed by "Let the Good Times Roll".


Look for Terri Garr as the blonde background dancer and The Barbarians playing their Gretsch Corvettes. Also, the Rolling Stones looking very nervously at the Wrecking Crew.


The full show, or the abridged version that's on youtube?


@billy- TCM usually claims all it's shows are uncut, so hopefully it is the full length version.


No monitors. How'd they even hear themselves over all of the screaming teenies? No wonder the Beatles stopped touring. One aspect that I find interesting is how the tech gear has changed from the early '60s to present day. Monitors, in-ear monitors, lighting, microphones and PA, and recording gear. The one constant is that we still love the same guitars and amps that they had new then.


I bought my DVD copy of the "Collector's Edition" after reading about the show in Johnny Ramone's "COMMANDO."


I remember when it played in the theaters back in the 60's (yeh, I am old). It's a rare opportunity to actually hear and see those bands/performers actually playing live. So much of the video of those bands from that era is lip sync'ed stuff from TV shows. I caught most of it on TCM. James Brown and the Flames are amazing, just an absolute force of nature. The Beach Boys actually sound pretty darn good also. The guitar playing is actually pretty rockin', especially Carl Wilson's leads on the Rick 12 and Al Jardine's rhythm work is solid. It would really be cool if someone re-mixed the sound so you could hear the bands better. There was another one, the TNT Show around that time.


Very enjoyable. Great to look back at that time, and then think about it some.

Such a time warp...

Fall 1964, Santa Monica.

Gerry was playing a Tennessean, and The Barbarians a pair of Corvettes.

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