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The Sadies, Travis Goode TRose(?) close up the whole time


Wife saw that and said- um is that fast forward?

Uh no. He's reaaaaal good.


Thanks for this. :D Only knew them from their album with Neko Case - The Tigers Have Spoken, and thought they had to be cool, but hadn't really explored their material. I've been spinning youtube clips all day. Time to buy some disks.


Great band. Travis just kills it.

Dallas Goode ain't no slouch on the Tele either.

Some Goode Canadian rockers!


The Sadies kick ass! Saw 'em live in Denver a couple years ago with about 10 other people totally mesmerized watching these canuck giants manhandle their guitars nonstop for about 2 hours.


Amazing band. Their record with them backing Andre Williams titled 'Red Dirt' is real nice too.

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