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The Magic of Brian Setzer with Uncle Ben Eller


Great lesson! And if they had made a Rumble Seat pedal a long time ago, I bet my pedalboard would look a lot different (and smaller) today.


I was not aware of that pedal. Sounds pretty interesting.


I was not aware of that pedal. Sounds pretty interesting.

– JBGretschGuy

its been out for many a year. Sounds really nice(spent an hr or so w it through an orange amp and reverend guitar), even though it advertises itself having a 69' marshall voiced overdrive and a reverb designed after a blackface reverb, for rockabilly and surf. Doesnt mean that cant happen cuz it does, at least in the psychobilly realm.It should be black w green knobs though, psycho kids would approve. Setzer on the other hand, only really used a marshall for a few post Cats gigs like farm aid and such during his pop excusion ala Knife feels like justice/ radiation ranch.


I'd love to try one with an open mind about the Marshall overdrive circuit. I was going to say hey, I wish they'd put something more Fender in there, but so what? If it sounds good and is capable of just a little crunch, that'll work! Plus my big OD days are over, apart from some nasty fuzz when the teenager in the garage takes over again.

But, the price is hefty and the artwork makes it look like it comers free with a kids comic. Given the name and background, it could have been so cool!


I agree, Vince - they really blew it in the art department. The price is hefty, but I'd like to hear one, just to see what it can do - and not necessarily as a magic Setzer tone pedal. To me it sounds more like three pretty cool effects, almost like a mini pedal board.

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