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The Living End - “Amsterdam” (new track)


Here's a new track from the upcoming TLE record out in September. As simple as it is it pushes buttons. Can't wait for the album. What do you think?

Frontman Chris Cheney, on the song: "Amsterdam. The second song from our new album is out now. It’s very different. We’ve never had a song like this on any of our albums. I wrote it as a full band track but it didn’t fit in with direction that the rest of the album was taking. Our producer Tobias suggested stripping it back to just a live take of vocals and guitar and by taking this approach, it fit right in. It’s the most confronting song on the album. Our time here is temporary. The time we spend with family and friends becomes more important the older we get because you just never know. After my father passed away I started thinking about the how and why and all the questions and confusion that come with losing a family member. It took a long time to fathom how we’re supposed to just carry on without them. Like I say in the song ‘there are things left unspoken and you never get a second chance’. Some lessons are learnt the hard way unfortunately. Regrets, grief and loss are a part of life so you gotta make the good times count. Why Amsterdam? I wrote it there and i figured it’s as good a city as anywhere to vent to. X"


I think it's brilliant. I like it in its stripped down form but I would love to hear a full band arrangement of it as well. I love the chord progression and the guitar tone. The singer is awesome. This will be stuck in my head for a while. Great job!!!


A different direction for sure. In my head I can almost fill in the missing drums and upright but stripped down is more raw.

I can't wait for the new record, hopefully they tour here in the US soon!


I love The Living End! Especially the early work since that was heavily rockabilly influenced. I always had to 'get used to' new albums that came out and also then I liked the more rockabilly-ish songs. Although eventually the albums grow on me. This new song sounds and feels different, maybe a bit too different for me. I like Chris' blistering guitar solo's so maybe that's what I'm missing here, although I can understand that that would not fit in this song. I'm looking forward to the new Album.

That said, last friday The Living End had a show in my hometown. Offcourse I went to check them out, and it was awesome! He played a White Falcon and a Black Phoenix through a Marshall and Vox amp.


I’m looking forward to the new album. I’ve seen snippets on videos from their Euro tour that just finished up.

I’ve also got my ticket for their Brisbane show on their Australian run.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Chris and others play The Beatles White Album twice. Such a great show!


Very well done sascha! I've had this song stuck in my head all day, that's a tremendous indicator that it's a great song. It's perfect like it is, good call on stripping it down to just guitar and vocals.


Great song, great version. Been a fan since I heard them backing up Casey Chambers on “Crossfire”. Blistering solos indeed.


I like it. The guitar tone is an awesome Gretsch tone for sure. I would love to hear the version with the band too.


This really hits home with me, this year. Great tune. Thanks for sharing.

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