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The Lick” played with Gretsch for President of Finland


very cool, Jukka !

glad to see you here. hope everything has been good with you and your family.


Fine player, great jazz tone, nice band! Prez looks like he knows it's something he's supposed to appreciate, but he's not quite sure why he's there.

Great to see you, Jukka. Come around more!


Everything is fine and I've been lurking around regularly here, though not commenting that often. Hope you are fine too!

Proteus your observation about prez was spot on :)


The guitarist looks like he is really enjoying the moment. Good for the band!


I don't know.. if I were playing for the President of Finland, I'd trim the end of my strings... Stock looking 5420, no? Sounds great! Nice playing and looks like they were having a good time.

Now to show my ignorance.. Guess I didn't realize that melody line was known as "the lick". Thanks for including the Wikipedia link, Jukka. I am now educated on it. When I play it, I'll know what it is. Ha!

Thanks for posting and great to see you around!

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