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The last frame is the video, trash can to stage to Gretsch Catalog…


I enjoyed their playing the covers far more than I thought that I would. That was indeed some fun.

Is that the guitar in the photograph in the new catalogue? I thought that someone had said that it was your vintage Club that was in that photo.


Yeah their tune a sandwich between covers.

That's my 62 club that was converted to 58 specs that is in the cat.


I did not realize that. That's even more cooler.


What a great project that is! Congrats!


Yeah, too bad I had to sell it for the damn green emerald borer...


Yeah, too bad I had to sell it for the damn green emerald borer...

– Curt Wilson

Wait, wait, wait...what did you say? You sold your vintage Country Club? I must have misunderstood you.


No I have my 58, that's they only guitar I care about and if it were ransom for my wife I'd have to think about it...


Very cool, Curt. It’s alive!


Your work is superb Curt! The ‘58 Jazzmaster restoration you did for my friend turned out awesome!


Very cool! And it's a great guitar, I really enjoyed playing it.


Curt the miracle worker!


Very cool, Curt ! Just wish Jody wouldn't leave the guitar lying on it's back on the stage floor. Yikes!


Ha, it’s way better that the usual hanging from the mic stand.

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