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The Grand Slambovians


I like these guys, having seen them live a couple of times over the years.

They're based out of Sleepy Hollow, NY mostly touring the east coast and folk/roots circuit. Once in a blue moon they'll tour the mid-west, when I can catch them.

Kind of a family band, Joziah Longo (the singer/songwriter on the Rancher) and Tink Lloyd (on accordion, cello, etc) are long-married. Their 2 grown sons occasionally play with them, but they're usually a core of 4 with Sharkey Mcewen on lead guitar. They're self-produced, self-managed.

Their music is overall very Americana, but there's a touch of Brit invasion, a little psych influence. Original and infectious listening. Some here may like them as well.

This song has often been their closer.


Interesting. That’s not terribly unlike the more acoustic/Americana stuff I do with my son (and other collaborators).

And it certainly unpacks maximum serious content from the cute-clever portmanteau in the song title! “Bi-Polar Express” indeed. Well-played. Either someone in the band has been there, or he imagines convincingly and presents with conviction.


Bipolar express waxes quite a metaphor, especially considering the archetype of speeding locomotives in our cultural lexicon. There's a real hook there and it follows through.

My first exposure to the band was their name, which at the time was; Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams.

Just based on that I said to my friend; 'Okay, I'm there'.
They put on a great live show. Very approachable afterward. Nice folks.

Apparently they settled on the abridged 'Grand Slambovians' a few years after I first saw them.

Their studio releases are pretty well produced.


That is some good stuff. Reminds of some of the stuff I've done with a few local bands I've been playing with the past few years.

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