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The Early Riser - an original banjo tune


Hey all,

Just posted this on youtube so though I'd post here too. It's a banjo tune I wrote and for a change I'm playing my Telecaster to go along with it. See what you think?


I've commented on this tune elsewhere of course but very impressed with how creative it is and how well you performed it. Very entertaining and musical too.


Yeeha! That's some real fine pickin' Paul. You have some very interesting instruments too.


Fabulous foot-stompin' tune, Paul! Brings a picture of a big, ol' fashioned '50's hoedown in a barn out in the country on a Saturday night!



That's a cool leccy banjo .


Thoroughly enjoyable. I smiled all the way through it. I am a real sucker for a tune that prominently uses the ii minor chord.


Thanks guys. FYI the banjo is a Goldtone and great on the neighbours ears lol. I used to have a regular one and that thing was LOUD!!


very well done, Paul. and very "catchy" tune, too.


I enjoy all of your posts Paul, but I have to say that what I like best from you is when you play tunes you've written yourself. This particular one may well be the best of them all so far - it's catchy, memorable and melodious, and it's well played by you and your twin on the telecaster. The delay effect on the telecaster solo was clever, making the whole track feel a little like 'Earl Scruggs meets Albert Lee and an Echoplex' - clever stuff and just plain good fun.


That was great and I second NSM's comment that it's "catchy, memorable and melodious."

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